When to take carb blockers

When to take Carb Blockers

I am frequently asked by my followers about when to take carb blockers. Carbs are the main source of energy for the human body but when this energy source starts to pile up in the body, it creates multiple issues in the body. Thats why these days most of the health professionals advise to minimize the carbs in the daily diet and adopt low carb ketogenic diet instead.

Why Carb Blockers?

Now most of the people, having known about the bad effects of taking too much carbs, are unable to avoid these. To solve this issue people want some easy solution thats why people mostly are attracted towards these carb blockers. But before using any of these carb blockers we should know when to take carb blockers is beneficial or dangerous.

We will discuss all these issues one by one and will get to the depth of this topic to have a clear picture of different scenarios in which we are allowed to have them and in what quantity we should take them.  

Fats, Proteins and Carbs

Before we go deep in the discussion that when to take carb blockers we should know that there are three energy sources of the human body which are fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Body uses carbs as its first choice to burn as energy. 

Beta Oxidation

In case your body does not get enough carbs to use as energy to perform its daily routine activities, it switches its energy source from carbs to fats which is called beta Oxidation or Ketosis

This process is being widely used these days to lose extra weight. But remember body only uses fat storage when you provide less carbs or no carbs to your body. For this purpose you should know that how much carbs you should take.

Which Carbs Carb Blockers can Block

There are two main types of carbohydrates namely simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. 

Simple carbs are mostly processed foods that are already glucose such as fruits, candies and soft drinks as well as other drinks including milk.

Complex carbs are mostly high fiber foods and in general rule take more time to digest like grains  and vegetables. 

When to take carb blockers

These carb blockers only work on the complex carbs and have zero effect on the simple carbs. So if you are more inclined towards the simple carbs it is bad news for you that you are not going to benefit from these carb blockers at all.

Carb Blockers are the inhibitors which slow down or in some cases stop the breakdown process of carbohydrates during the metabolic cycle.

Carb blockers inhibit the absorption of alpha glucosidase enzyme in the intestinal area of the digestive system which in return slows down the process in which glucose is extracted and injected in the body and in other words it lowers the after meal blood sugar level. 

The sugar which is extracted from the carbs is called starch and all the starches have a complex structure which cannot directly be absorbed by the digestive system unless it is broken down by amylase enzymes. These amylase enzymes are blocked by the amylase inhibitors and it is tested that a kind of white kidney bean extract works as an amylase inhibitor and delays the process.

Amylase Inhibitors are extracted naturally from medicinal herbs and plants.

The alpha amylase enzyme is found in the human saliva. When these inhibitors are used they stop the mixing of alpha amylase enzymes with these starches, so that they can not break them down to absorb in the intestines. When these starches dont get mixed with these enzymes they are not broken down and never converted in sugar. As a result sugar levels do not go high which in the long run helps to manage weight loss.

Different Carb Blocking Agents

Various types of carb blockers are available in the market at the moment and all have different levels of effectiveness as well. Here we will discuss them briefly.

Ascorbic Acid is one of the ingredients of the carb blockers which is very helpful for the digestive system of a human body to function properly. At the same time it is a very effective carb blocker.

Guarana extract is very well known for its efficacy to lose weight as well as for curbing the appetite, burning the extra deposits of fats and acceleration of the metabolic activity. It is also widely used for the rejuvenation of mind and improving concentration abilities.

Silicon dioxide is an important ingredient of the carb blockers as it is used to prevent sticking of other particles. Chromium picolinate is another ingredient which is very helpful for increasing muscle mass which results in losing fat deposits.

White kidney beans are famous for their active participation in blocking the activity of stomach enzymes. For this purpose extract of the white kidney beans is used. It is also helpful in decreasing abdominal fat deposits.

If we survey online or in the local stores we will find that the main ingredient of almost all the carb blockers is white kidney beans extract which is termed as Phaseolus Vulgaris. 

When you take this extract it blocks the production of amylase enzymes and the complex food which you eat passes away without breaking down through the digestive tract.

It is the only ingredient which is scientifically proved to delay the process to block the carbs in their complex form, thus resulting in lowering the glycemic index than usual.

It is available in 500 mg capsules. It is recommended that you should take 1 to 2 capsules before every meal. The recommended quantity is 1500 mg to 3000 mg. More than this can cause digestive issues like bloating, dyspepsia and heartburn.

Advantages of Carb Blockers

  1. Carb Blockers are very beneficial for the patients of diabetes and for the people who are having trouble with heart and high blood pressure. As these carb blockers are the health solution to lower the cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. Use of these carb blockers keeps the sugar level smooth.
  2. Ingredients in the Carb Blockers provide sustained energy and power throughout the day.
  3. Regulating Hormones:Carb blockers may regulate ghrelin which is the bodys hunger hormone. In other words carb blockers can control your cravings as well.

Are Carb Blockers Safe

Carb Blockers are generally very safe to use. But some people may face mild bloating, diarrhea or other gastrointestinal issues because when larger blocks of carbs remain in the large intestine for a longer period they are fermented by the bacteria and cause bloating.

This situation is temporary and can be solved by the body with the passage of time. Further it can be solved by adjusting the doses as well. 


It is advisable to consult your health professional before taking any of these carb blockers. If you are taking medicines to lower sugar levels along with these blockers may cause blood sugar to drop to a critical level 

Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs

Processed grains like white rice or white flour, Cereals with few whole grains with additional sugar, White bread, French fries, Fried white flour tortillas, Pastas are few examples of bad carbs.


Potatoes are a starchy vegetable but they are a healthy carb. They are high in fiber,  vitamins and minerals.


Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the earth. They have almost zero carbs and no doubt no diet plan will be complete without eggs. Boiled eggs without yolks are considered the best breakfast with unsweetened tea or black coffee.


Although rice is a very nutritious diet, it is very high in carbs.


Soaking is a very good technique for straining the extra starch found in some vegetables like peas, corns, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. De-starching is done by soaking these vegetables for eight to ten hours will reduce the levels of acrylamide, making them healthier to some extent.


Although bananas are rich in fibre and other nutrients, but being full of carbs is their main drawback for which many people avoid them. 

Zero Carb Snacks

Cucumber slices: Cucumbers are the number one diet for any weight loss programme and my favorite as they have only 16 calories in one cup of slices. They also provide you  4% percent of your daily potassium 3% percent of your daily fiber and 4% percent of your daily vitamin C. Vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, manganese and vitamin A are also present in small amounts.

Bone broth, Smoked fish, Smoked meat, Pepperoni slices, Seaweed.

Cheese, butter, oils, water, and plain coffee or tea, nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut are also of great importance in a low carb diet plan.

Final Words

I am sure that I have answered most of your questions regarding when to take carb blockers and when they are better to avoid.

Using carb blockers along with a keto lifestyle can stabilize your blood sugar levels for the period you try to stick to this type of diet.

Such a lifestyle should be adopted to shape your ideal figure and healthy body, avoiding all the dangerous diseases caused by being overweight.

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