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The Cinderella Solution System Review

The Cinderella Solution System is one of the best weight loss plans that help you to get rid of obesity and overweight issues in very short time period. The Cinderella Solution System resets the three essential hormones responsible for the burning of fat by the help of flavor pairing rituals known as Shoku-iku.

Obesity or accumulation of too much fat in the body and other relating health issues are becoming one of the increasing and most alarming issue in women and young girls these days.

What Is The Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution is a 28-day program by Carly Donovan consisting of flavor pairing technique known as Shoku-iku.

This program splits into two phases. The Ignite Phase is the preliminary part of the complete plan where you prepare the body to adapt to the changing lifestyle. According to this plan, your task is to have three meals day, having a specific proportion of paired food.

The second and most effective phase is called launch phase which truly starts melting your pounds, here youll be taking four meals a day. The foods of your choice will be paired in such a way that will turn you into a weight losing machine.

Unlocking The Female Fat Loss Code

Obesity effects badly in the lifestyles, in the marriages and relationships of women facing overweight issue. Most of married women gain weight after child birth because of hormonal transition and lack of knowledge about the post birth care.

So it has become far more difficult to lose weight or to keep fit after child birth without proper care and life style changes.

Obesity is also an issue at the start of menopause. Because at this stage due to inactivity many women become a prey to hormonal changes but these women try to control their weight through diet restriction which further decreases the metabolism, which further adds fuel to the fire.

Women with obesity almost try every thing to reduce their weight because women are always conscious about their physical appearance. Most of the prescriptions used by women to reduce weight do not work long run and mostly focus on easy quick fixes, which most of the times attract such women and once they try and fail, they lose confidence in themselves.

Who Needs Cinderella Solution System?

  • Do you avoid mirrors
  • Avoid to wear your favorite costumes
  • Mood Swings
  • Dont like to share your photos on social media
  • Face all types of food cravings
  • Dead libido
  • Frustration after starting every weight loss program.

Do You Want all these…

  • Enjoy your favorite food
  • Look 10 to 20 years younger
  • Live 22% more longer life
  • Lose weight 6x faster without counting calories

Does The Cinderella Solution Work

Cinderella Solution Meal Plan has key importance in The Cinderella Solution System which is a unique and simple system, and can be followed easily by even a simple house wife.

Cinderella Solution Meal Plan resets your fat hormone with the help of well designed and formulated Flavor-Pairing Rituals with the help of the Cinderella Solution Recipes specially formulated by Carly Donovan using all her knowledge.

Complete focus of the Cinderella Solution System is around the three key fat burning hormones Insulin, Estrogen and Cortisol. Balancing these three fat controlling hormones is the secret to fat loss which is taught through this Cinderella Solution System.

Three Fold Function of 3 Happy Hormones

  • Insulin which is responsible for your skinny tone, keeps you slender and smarter
  • Cortisol imbalance causes anxiety, stress, depression and sadness without reason
  • Estrogen, which keeps you wrinkle-free, toned and energized

This four weeks program is more than enough to balance all these three hormones to their optimal level to start shedding off the extra pounds and your own body gets converted to a fat cutting machine.

The Cinderella Solution System effectively helps you to reset your fat reducing hormones. You will be able to regulate these hormones which are the main cause of accumulating extra pounds and making it difficult to lose weight and reshaping your body.

28 days are not too much to get rid of all these symptoms which are hindering to achieve your goal. In contrast to other weight loss programs which are too long to maintain and hard to follow, not producing good results.

Direct approach of The Cinderella Solution System will give you instant good feeling within yourself resulting in weight loss and a renewed will power.

Author of The Cinderella Solution System

Are you curious to know, who is behind this tremendous product Cinderella Solution System and how it all started. I think it is the right of every person to know and research about the product before trying it. No doubt, it makes the effort focused and results are many fold after clearing doubts.

Carly Donovan is a well known weight loss specialist and motivator. She is living in Guelph a South Western City of Ontario, Canada. He got more than ten years experience in this field and earned huge reputation and success in Women Weight Loss.

She takes her followers very smoothly through every up and down phases as she herself has experienced all these pitfalls. She reached to her ultimate success after many failures with almost all the prevailing weight loss systems. So, she knows how the shaking confidence can be regained in quick time and avoid many other bumpy areas of the journey.

During her exploration period, Carly learned that majority of the women population living other parts of the world eat high calorie diets including fat rich diets but they dont get over weight. What she found was astonishing and do you know she found that…

This Is Not a Diet At All

What she found was totally different from what we are told to do blindly.

  • Women of these countries do not do BORING CARDIO
  • Women of these countries do not do STARVING
  • Women of these countries do not SPEND ON WEIGHT LOSS PILLS OR SUPPLEMENTS
  • Women of these countries do not do HIGHT INTENSITY WORKOUT
  • Women of these countries do not COUNT CALORIES OF FOOD
  • Women of these countries do not HATE FATS AND FATTY FOOD

Instead they use very interesting combinations like

  • Chocolate Pairing Rituals
  • Carb Pairing Rituals
  • Wine Pairing Rituals
  • Spice Pairing Rituals
  • Movement Sequencing Rituals

When she dwelled deep in the root cause, she got the secret solution and after that she never looked back to anything else.

So, she designed The Cinderella Solution System also known as the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program to give full and right diet plan for the women facing weight gain problems.

She did it by giving comprehensive information about the right combinations of meal that we can use to get rid from the obesity and also to maintain the weight after getting good results.

Obesity in United States

Latest researches have proved that obesity is not caused only by eating too much food but the wrong combinations of fats and rich carbohydrates cause havoc in our body. The solution is designed in such a way that these diet plans boosts the metabolism process.

According to a research on

So I think this is the best product to reduce fat in very short time plus it does not require long and hard exercises to follow for weight loss.

The Cinderella Solution System works in two phases, each program length is 14 days. It includes meal plans and light workout system to promote metabolism.

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What Is Inside The Cinderella Solution System

For the accessibility for customers, The Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Solution comes in different packages like in manuals, like a guide that is quick, like a guide in sequence, blueprint with bonus, like university book etc. these packages involves different things which are followed step by step.

Main Manual of The Cinderella Solution System

Main manual of The Cinderella Solution System Weight Loss Program consists of series of PDF books in 4 parts and 93 pages. It guides us about the hormones in our body which are responsible for weight loss process.

Everything you need to know about the 3 magical hormones which are responsible for weight loss is available in The Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program. Meanwhile this manual will explains and guide you by tracing the functions of these particular hormones.

The first part of the The Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program explains everything thoroughly and provides you introduction and salient features of the product.

Quick Start Guide : In the second part by using your blueprint book nutrition on daily bases you will get a quick start. You can also go directly to the main body of this manual.

The next or 3rd part offers you exercise package in sequence. This part is optional one for you. You can do by your movement.

In the very last part you will get information about the combinations of meal by top 10 flavors that are paired.

Part one of The The Cinderella Solution Systems

Chapter 1 : Weight Loss From The Inside Out : Where and How To Get Started

This section will provide you complete information about The Cinderella Solution System and how you start this program. This consists of detailed information like a manual.

Chapter 2 : Weight Loss Rituals

Let us have a look at the main points covered in this chapter

Flavor Pairing : Pairing process of flavors

Food Coupling : combinations of right meal

Nutrition Timing : The timings of taking meal

Slim Sequencing Exercises : The exercises with sequence to shape your body

Chapter 3 : Ignite and Launch Two Phase Approach

This chapter gives detailed description of meal timing and frequency of meals and how to follow these.

Phase 1 : Ignite Phase

In this phase you will learn about your meal schedule. In a day how many times you can take meal?, In what way ignite phase helps in this process of weight loss?

Phase 2 : Launch Phase

This phase will provide you the details about different combinations which you can try to reach your best options.

Cycling The Ignite and Launch Phases

In this part you will get the information that how can you repeat these phases to get optimal results.

Ignite Phase of The Cinderella Solution System

In this phase you will learn about your meal planning and how you can manage your whole journey to weight loss. How many times during the day, you can take meal, different preferred timings. So, the answer is; three meals a day.

The next question that will rise in our mind is that in what way ignite phase helps in this process of weight loss? So the answer is; by creating right environment for the regulation of hormones naturally. This will help you to rapidly achieve your goal.

Launch Phase of The Cinderella Solution System

While reaching this phase of the process you are required to take four meals. Quantity is increased in this phase. Now you will take 4 meals in a day instead of three. In these 4 meals you will combine different foods that make a unique combination of your meal.

These combinations are organized in a way that helps to reduce fat rapidly and promotes the process of fat burning. To get best and rapid results must remember the fact of right combination.

These combinations include different types of food for example while taking fish you can combine fish with garlic, While eating sweet potatoes you can combine it with Greek yogurt, you can mix chocolates with apples, you can add mint while you are having a cup of green tea.

Such small variations make a huge difference. These combinations allow enhancement in metabolism which helps in the process of weight loss. So to create the environment of weight loss in your body you will get absolute and faster results.

This weight loss program is very effective and essential and followed by diet plan. This diet plan combines your food in such a way that it helps rapidly in weight loss. These combinations caused different biochemical reactions that reduce your fat issues very rapidly.

A research study done by Carly Donavan shows that obesity issues are not caused by too much fatty food or too much food but the real cause being the wrong combinations of everyday food.

This is very effective and easy to adopt approach of weight loss for housewives who have not much time for them and have busy schedules.

The best part of The Cinderella Solution System is where it explains, why it discourages heavy workout routines and requires only low workouts?

Part two of The Cinderella Solution Systems : Daily Nutritional Blueprint Book

Its a material guide about Carly Donavan that how she lost 84 pounds. It contains detailed information of every step used by Carly Donavan to lose weight rapidly.

Chapter 4 : Cinderella Tools

This chapter consists of the Calendar of 14 days which you will be following during this plan. This calendar helps you to manage your plan easily

It will give you information about the Meal plans. Which you used on daily bases to get immediate and rapid results for weight loss.

It also has the information about some bonus Recipes. You can use them to innovate your diet plan. So you never get bored and enjoy your plan throughout.

Chapter 5 : Macros : Cinderella Solution Flavor Pairing

This chapter talks about the Proteins which are prime, to use. Which you must take while you diet plan because you must not be go through protein deficiency during the plan.

The fact is that because while doing diet plan many people face protein deficiency which effects their healths badly. So The Cinderella Solution Systems by letting you know about proteins reduce the danger of this issue.

It also explains which are Royal Fats which will be of great help for you in this weight loss journey and keep your craving away to control over eating habit.

It also gives you information about the Power Carbs which are healthy and nutritious and do not harm your weight loss.

At the same time, you will also know about the Angel Carbs which are of great importance in relieving constipation and other relevant issues which can cause great havoc if not handled correctly during weight loss efforts.

Chapter 6 : Meal Timing and Frequency

This chapter minutely covers the information regarding the proper time when you should take your meal during all your phases. It also gives you complete plan of frequency of your meals and all the ways you should adopt while doing all this.

This phase also tells that how many meals will be taken in Ignite Phase like 3 meals and in the same way it tells that 4 meals will be taken in the Launch Phase.

Part Three of The Cinderella Solution System

DIY Meal Creator And Flavor Pairing

This chapter will help you in preparing your meals by yourself, so that you may not feel uncomfortable just to imitate. Rather this approach makes you self independent in preparing the food of your own choice within the given combinations.

Chapter 7 : 3 Step Instruction Guide

This chapter brings you to the Instructions to follow. These instructions are simple and step by step for your convenience.

Chapter 8 : Ignite and Launch Meal Pairing Legends

In this chapter you will learn about how to pair your meal while in ignite and in launch phase

Chapter 9 : Portion Options

This chapter brings you to the different Options for carbs, proteins, fats and more importantly portions to follow. So you will able to use different options and different portions for every day during your calendar and fat loss requirements.

Chapter 10 : Food and Portion Blocks

In this chapter Blocks are arranged showing for food in portion wise routine. So this will help you a lot to manage your portions while pairing them with different type of food.

Part Four of The Cinderella Solution System


This part of the program explains top 10 flavor pairs and weight loss combination recommended by the author for you for quick weight loss.

Free Bonuses Included

Bonus 1: Quick Start Guide

Bonus 2: Movement Sequencing Activity Guide

Bonus 3: The Accelerator : 21 Day Kick Start Nutrition Guide

Bonus 4: Free Best-Selling Anti-Aging Workout DVD


  • Well formulated and covers all the necessary details.
  • Specially designed and focused for women weight loss.
  • Limited Time 28 days to prove itself.
  • Consists of Simple Meal Plans and Light Routines.
  • Wide variety of food to choose from.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • This is only women weight loss program not for men.
  • It requires commitment with the schedule to get perfect results.

Our Verdict

To me, The Cinderella Solution System is a must learn program even if one dont have severe problems at the moment as it is more than a weight loss program and unveils you the underlying secret of health in any age.

By adopting this program you must understand the working of your own body. At the same time it rejuvenates your body in a way that you feel the flavor of your teenage in every phase of your life. You are never required to join heavy exercises or starving to lose weight or to spend your hard earned money on fussy weight loss products and programs.

For the accessibility for customers, this solution comes in different packages like in manuals, like a guide that is quick, like a guide in sequence, blueprint with bonus, like university book etc. You can purchase it in only $37, which by far less than the other programs in the market at the moment.

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