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The Lost Book of Remedies Review

Information about the book, “Lost Book Of Remedies”

  • Author: Dr. Nicole Apelian
  • 1.61 pound weight
  • 304 pages
  • Price: $37
  • Color pictures of 169 healing plants
  • 304 color pages
  • Color pictures of 181 healing plants, lichens, and mushrooms.
  • 550+ powerful natural remedies
  • 800+ medicinal plants and natural remedies

An overview: What is inside the book?

The Lost book of remedies written by Nicol Apelion is a natural medicine book which contains natural healing remedies with no side effects. It tells us about medicinal plants, ranging from herbs, scrubs and roots, explanations (edibility, preparation) and by representation through images.

In the modern world, manufactured products, technology and even medicines are used to cure disease and as a food. But these are not good for human being. The disastrous problems happening with our health are evidences of the disadvantages of manufactured products; therefore we need to use natural products.

No doubt, Mother Nature provides everything which we want and without any side effect, depending on the right way of used. In the past years, herbs were used for the treatment of people in everyday life even herbs were used for the treatment of cops when they were injured.

So, why we dont use them today? Natural treatments are better than manufactured medicines because they have no side effects. I am giving you neutral review of this natural medicine book and its up to you whether you want to have this book in your bed side shelf or not after knowing its benefits.

  • Benefits:
    This natural medicine book gives us proper information about herbs and uses of herbs. From spices that can make your food taste better, effective ways to detoxify your body, and antidotes to some poisons using plants without causing any side effect.
  • Plant Species and their uses:
    This natural medicine book The lost book of remedies contains information of different plants and their multi uses. Natural things have not a single benefit instead these natural things are used for multi-purpose
  • Ingestion of plants, safe or not:
    This natural medicine book will guide you about plants in a way that which plants are safe to eat when you are in the forest. For example , cattails are not able to eat and these are wild grasses, but they are a very effective cure for severe skin infection but this plant is not poisonous at all, the only reason it is not able to eat  is the stupefying effect it has when eaten.
  • Specific function of each part of a plant:
    As we all know that whole plant or all parts of plants are not edible or medicinal. This natural medicine book will guide you through the details in such a manner and tell you about the uses that you will be able to understand how different parts of the plant play role because of their healthy ingredients.

    For example; although the roots as well as stems of the cattails plant are edible, the jelly-like substance between the leaves are not; since they have a paralyzing effect on us when eaten etc.
  • Remedies Preparation:
    This natural medicine book The lost book of remedies will give you detailed information about preparation of remedies and you will be able to know about remedies prepared by using plants along with their use.

    This natural medicine book provides sound knowledge that how to prepare different medicine from these plants like some plants are boiled, some must be cooked for their effectiveness etc.
  • Healthy tips that keep you away from diseases:
    This natural medicine book gives us information about remedies to prevent health crisis like asthma, sneezing, common cold, wheezing and many more problems associated with human health.

 The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is about:

  • This natural medicine book is about
    the use of natural plants for remedies to cure diseases and any problem that is happening with your health. The use of plants costs way cheaper solution than the medicinal products of modern time which are prepared by dangerous chemicals and at the same time these natural remedies cure your disease from its root not only masks the symptoms as a temporary solution and provides everything without causing any side effect.
  • Comprehensive Details:
    The Lost Book of Remedies did all of the research for you and had put everything together into a comprehensive guide complete with every natural remedies and its use, preparation step by step without any side effects with the help of representation by pictures so you can easily identifies the plant of your need. The conciseness of this book saves your time and in short time you will good results.
  • 300-pages, plants, trees, herbs shrubs, and flowers remedies:
    It includes 300-pages worth of plants, trees, herbs, shrubs, and flowers from across the globe and provides you with natural remedies for each which is the best option and less time consuming. It also teaches you how to identify, harvest, and use each plant for different treatments, and how to grow them on your own in your backyard or in any place.
  • Categorized plants types:
    These categories include:
  • Backyard Weeds, Forests and Woodlands, Trees and Shrubs, Wild Plants in Great Plains, Coastal Tropical, and Water Loving Plants and Household Remedies more about Nationwide Plants.

It helps you to find out plant of your need easily. These categories make it easy to find out what plants you can harvest and where you can do this.

Another important thing is that this information comes with an index of different plants with information of the use of their parts. If you are looking for treatment for a specific disease, such as pains and what so ever. You receive much more than that by checking list you can easily find the pages containing information about remedies of the related or specific subject or disease.

Because this natural medicine book will give you a lot of valuable information - from preventative measures to full treatment of a specific conditions, with step by step information from how to maintain healthy blood pressure levels to treating snakebite, to your nervous system and every issue happening with your body, all through the health power of the natural herbs and plants.

What else this natural medicine book offers

This natural medicine book contains information about medicinal trees so we can say this book is not just limited to plant remedies only. By the use of this book you will also get tips to derive food by using these medicinal trees. These trees, fruits and roots are not only source of food for us but also have healing properties as well that are very essential for well being.

History of common treatments used by our fore fathers

The common treatments used by our forefathers to treat common illnesses such as fever, flu, sore throat, etc. therefore you will be able to discover common treatments and the things you would include into your medicinal kit and kitchen that has healing properties that we are not even aware of earlier.

How much safe is this natural medicine book?

So, the answer of this question is absolute, this book is 100% safe because all the remedies used in this book are made 100% from natural products derived from mother nature not commercial or synthesized at all and their reliability is depended on the fact that these remedies are tested by the authoress herself.

In this way there is no chance of any danger associated with these remedies. To confirm their results several Clinical trials have also been carried. These trials proved good results and several reviews on this book also give us assurance about its authenticity.

Authors of the lost book of remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies was written by Dr. Nicole Apelian. She is experienced and certified doctor, herbalist, expert, researcher and renowned scientist. Dr. Nicole graduated from the McGill University.

She got her masters degree from University of Oregon and subsequently her PhD at the Prescott College, Arizona.  She did her research by surviving in the wild; for 57 days. The most interesting fact that in wild her survival skills were purely based on nature not synthesized products.

Pros and Cons of this natural medicine book

To get neutral review we must go throw the pros and cons of this book.

Pros of the Lost Book of Remedies

  • Best source of natural remedies:
    It will provide you healing information that you have never come across using medicinal plants.
  • Re introduction of mother nature
    This book re-introduces the benefits of mother nature. With this book you wont have to run to over the counter drugs as its information effectively takes care of your health needs within the scope of natural products without any side effect.
  • Uses:
    The lost book of remedies promotes natural healing and healthy lifestyle by use of natural plants, plant extracts that gives you relief. By understanding the benefits of natural healing, you will appreciate the effects it will have on your body.

    By using lost book of remedies, you will easily learn how to grow some of these medicinal plants in your backyard etc. While other plants are not as easy to grow, there are very useful ones that can thrive in your garden depending on the environmental conditions.
  • Pictorial representation:
    This book gives pictorial representation of each plant type; therefore you can easily identify plant. In this way the book eliminates the confusion that may arise when two or more plants come from the same group and have similar features.
  • Proper instructions:
    It gives you proper and step by step instructions to prepare natural remedies. The instructions can be easily followed. You dont need to be an expert to prepare them and apply them on your body.
  • No side effects:
    No side effects associated with using natural remedies as in case of medicinal products. So it is very safe to use for anyone.
  • Requirement In case of physical copy:
    This natural medicine book is available in both digital and physical copy (in case of physical copies, an additional $8.99 shipping fee is attached as a requirement to buy).
  • Money back guarantee:
    Company also offers an option of money-back guarantee which is as simple as a piece of cake, which means its not risky to buy further more it is Written and documented by a certified doctor and professional herbalist Dr. experienced Dr. Nicole Apelian.

Cons of this natural medicine book

  • Limitations:
    Some plants in this book are found only in the prairie or forests which is not accessible for some people especially if you live in the city far from forest. So some of the information found in this book might not be as helpful to find the plants of your use.
  • Time-consuming:
    It can be time-consuming to get these plants in case when some people want to find them from local stores and which are living in city.
  • Sometime Discouraging Scent:
    In order to prepare the remedies at home you must be patient because its time taking and sometimes the scent it will emit may be discouraging and difficult to bear.
  • Be careful:
    You must be careful while preparing these remedies because even though they are natural, some of them have strong effects which may be difficult to bear like their ascents after preparation are sometimes too much bad that you cant tolerate.
  • Things to avoid:
    For remedies preparation one thing must remember in your mind, must measure them carefully and prepare them with caution. So you will get right mixture and right dose for perfect results.

Reasons that make this natural medicine book So UNIQUE

  • Effectiveness:
    The Lost book of remedies is very effective for everyone and for those people who want to solve their health problems without any side effects. In case of severe diseases, side effects of medicines put the lives of patient more in danger so they have need to use the medicines that are safe in all ways and which are able to remove the disease from its roots.

    Like in childrens various medicines for normal viral infections also cause decrease in WBCs in their body because these medicines have a lot of side effects. To prevent this we need to use natural plant remedies to cure.
  • Applicability to any patient suffered with any disease:
    For those patients who are suffering with severe disease like Cancer patients, people with tumors of various stages they will surely get benefit from this book because it is totally based on natural remedies. So this is very valuable book for every kind of serious diseased person. With proper use, you will get excellent results and surely it will help you to cure all problems associated with your health.

What advantages Company offers to their Customers?

  • For buyer there is 160 day Money back guarantee option:
    Guarantee is like assurance of product in case of damage product. So not to worry, in case of damage product you can make a request for refund within guarantee period.
  • For customers, company offers Special Promos:
    You can also buy these products in cheap rates because company gives bundle offers occasionally and several other promo offers by manufacturers. It currently has on 62% discount and sometime more discounts is attached with this product.
  • Bonus gifts:
    The lost book of remedies also gives bonus gifts like each time you will get The 80 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Backyard&The Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook as bonus gift when you purchase this book. Most a time these bonus gifts also come in digital formats.

Where you can buy this book?

  • From official website:
    You can buy from its official website because its more easy, safe and accessible without any time waste in search. You can get this lost book in both physical and digital copy.

    Payment options:
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Amex
  • MasterCard


Always, customer payment information is secured with a 256-Bit SSL encryption and multiple options are there to buy this book product.

  • Limitations in buying:

This natural medicine book is not available in local stores. These are only available in digital format once you make your purchase meaning that you can read anywhere and anytime as you can download it even from your tablet, laptop and mobile phone.

  • Price and affordability

This lost book of remedies is affordable. Several discounts are also available on this book like it is currently on a Discount Offer. But these offers are limited. This book also comes with 2 bonus free gifts depending on the bonus options prepared by manufacturers occasionally.


It is available worldwide and you can order it from everywhere, available in $37 only for digital product.


The lost book of remedies is an authentic book. This book consists of a huge package of valuable information.

Now a days we have become accustomed to a synthesized and manufactured products for our convenience. There are many reasons behind this fact. But this fact cause danger to human life in a way that we are getting away from our mother nature.

There is a need to secure human life with no side effects not just to our life but also to nature. We can do this only by using natural products.

Natural products surely have no side effects and their use makes your life better and easy because these natural remedies not only masks the effect of disease as synthesized products done but also eliminate from its root. For this purpose we need right information to use and this book will surely provides us valuable information for our daily needs. If you feel that you are in need of this natural medicine book The lost book of remedies CLICK BELOW RED BUY NOW BUTTON.


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