Max Carbs on Keto

Max Carbs on Keto::14 Mistakes to Avoid

As so many techniques are being used to control the problem of unhealthy weight, Keto diet is becoming more and more popular because of its good results. But at the same time some misconceptions about Keto Diet usage are found every where. I am constantly being approached by my followers asking about max carbs on keto.

To solve the issue I am giving a very brief and to the point view about max carbs on keto according to my knowledge and practice, which I am applying on my patients on a regular basis.

Search for Your Optimum Level

Every individual has his or her own optimum values which may vary slightly but are crucial to maintain or lose weight to a healthy level. The process of ketosis is the key to ketogenic weight loss diet and can not be initiated without observing these values minutely.

So we can say that we must know different levels of carbohydrate restriction on the ketogenic diet and more importantly get the figure of max carbs on keto.

Don’t Cross Your Eating Limits

Although some people may not notice the difference at start because when you are at the start of your journey a quick loss of fluid confuses them about the results and later they feel as if they are stuck. So we should understand the value of remaining below the maximum limit.

If you are doing your keto for the first time ever and have never done it before, I highly recommend you to make a diary of every single action you take and every single bit which goes through your mouth at the start so that you may adjust and fine tune your optimum level to lose or maintain healthy weight and get the exact figure for max carbs on keto.

If you remain precise and follow the rules strictly, there is a good chance that you get to your required target in a very brief period and hit the target to your desired goal.

What Should You Aim For?

Experts of ketogenic diet recommend and insist to make yourself habitual to a maximum of five to ten percent of carbs in your daily meal plan and not going away from 30 g of net carbs.

Net carbs are derived by excluding the fiber part in a very careful manner as some people take the maximum value of fiber to exclude which is the wrong method and you should only exclude the minimum value possible of the fiber.

After excluding fiber levels lets say 30 grams from the total carbs which for instance were 50 grams, your Net Carbs value would be 20 grams which lies right in between the recommended lines of 15 to 30 grams.

These are the general limits for a normal healthy person with no other limitations. At the same time if a person is leading a very active style and maintaining healthy exercise and long walk schedules can go a little beyond these lines.

But if a person is leading an inactive and sedentary lifestyle and is overweight, I highly recommend for such people to keep their carb intake to as low as possible.

Low Carb Mistakes to Avoid

I will try to put some common mistakes here so that you do not repeat them and get to your desired results in no time without wasting too much time.

Eating Too Many Carbs

Low carb diet or ketogenic weight loss diet has many variations and styles to follow. At the same time carbs limit is also a controversial subject, While there is no exact definition of a low carb diet so no one can specify the exact grams per day should be taken, which results in misconception and a new starter gets it wrong by taking too many carbs.

So we can easily say now that low carb diet can not be taken as simple as just avoiding a few notorious diet options but to adopt a whole bunch of different varieties of food to limit ourselves below 50 grams per day to reach ketosis which are max carbs on keto. So you have to go through the food selection with an extra eye.

Eating Too Much Protein

Muscle building process requires protein and we all know that how much protein is important for weight loss as well. It is such an important macro nutrient which most people never get enough to maintain muscles healthy.

It has two way action in the body as it can improve feelings of fullness and at the same time it can increase fat burning speed than any other macro nutrients.

To be on the safer side we can make a statement that, More protein should lead to weight loss and improved body functions and metabolic rate, which enhances the bodys response to weight loss, controlling the appetite and overall active body response.

Having all these good effects in mind can betray the new starter to get heavy inclusion in the diet and ruin the effects of low carb ketogenic diet.

If a person takes too much of protein than the daily requirements and at the same time body is not getting too much carbs, it will break these protein amino acids to glucose using the process of gluconeogenesis.

Gluconeogenesis is the metabolic process used by the body to fulfill the glucose requirements of the brain and other vital organs of the body in which glucose is produced using catabolic reactions from non carbohydrate sources.

This is the only reason for which too much protein is not allowed in these weight loss programs along with keeping a check on max carbs on keto. So, avoid this mistake to damage your outcomes from this tremendous pathway to lose weight using low carb ketogenic diet.

A rule of thumb which I give to my followers is that never go beyond the limit of 0.9 gram per pound of healthy protein.

Being Afraid of Eating Fat

We all are grown with the mind that fats are bad and still majority of people avoid taking fats and feel comfortable with other energy sources. When we try to minimize carbs for this type of diet we get confused to replace it with fats.

At the same time there are a few theories propagate that in a low carb diet if you can left away the fats, it will become more healthier option to reduce your unhealthy weight, which is totally wrong and a big mistake. On the contrary, this is a proven fact now that healthy ketosis best can be initiated by the inclusion of healthy fats in your diet.

Added advantage of fats is their power to curb the appetite and keeping the hunger pangs in control. You should replace your carbs with healthy fats to take this advantage and also to avoid inadequate nutrition.

I recommend my followers to take minimum of 70 percent of their daily calories from healthy omega 3 and mono unsaturated fats. As far as you avoid bad trans fats there is no reason to fear fats over dose. Fats have a wonderful feature of curbing the appetite in a natural way by delaying the digestive process.

Not counting net carbs

The better way of counting carbs is to count carbs separately as fiber portion of carbs and the net carbs after deducting the minimum level of carbs and still not crossing the limits. This formula is time tested and fool proof to avoid the extra carbs which pushes you out of ketosis and making the whole exercise useless.

Not getting enough fiber

Selection of fiber rich carbs is the key to success for low carb diet weight loss programs. As majority of issues which arise in this type of diet are related to gut, and the health of the gut mainly depends on healthy fiber rich food intake.

On average in any weight loss program twenty five to thirty five grams of daily fiber should be included. Healthy options for dietary fiber are Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Artichokes and Asparagus. Avocado is rich in fats as well as have a plenty of fiber as well.

Expecting the dramatic weight loss

Whenever you start taking lesser calories, in few starting weeks of keto diet, you may drop a lot of pounds very quickly. You may lose 5 to 10 pounds, which of course can be water weight. This quick loss may raise your expectation way too high and when there is no more water weight you still expect much to happen, when it does not take place you might go the wrong ways to explore and destroy the results.

Doing intense workouts your first week

Adaptation is the key to success of any weight loss program. I always prepare my followers for the program first. Tell them the pros and cons, then familiarize them with the program and strategy and ask them to do adaptation practices before going into the actual program. One of those exercise is to maintain a healthy exercising routine which avoids the intense workout for at least for the first week of the program. Because in the first week or two body this shifting its fuel source and you may feel a little low in energy and stamina.

Eating too many calories

Some snacks can be tricky as they are calorie filled but can be snacked very easily and one can pile up too much calories without noticing. For instance nuts and cheese are very hard to measure and can spoil the whole broth. So be careful while snacking them.

Drinking alcohol

Alcohol is normally considered as allowed beverage in keto diets but fact of the matter is that alcohol in spite of being low carb can hinder the weight loss by slowing down the detoxifying functions of the liver. 

Not Replenishing Sodium

You often listen from your doctor that you should cut your sodium intake. So you will be wondering then why I am asking you to check your sodium levels while you are on keto diet.

The low carb ketogenic diet uses the mechanism to reduce fat is based on lowering the insulin levels in the blood stream which in return reduces the false appetite and hunger pangs.

At the same time insulin performs another function in which it tells the kidneys to retain the sodium as well. So when you are low on insulin kidneys do not store sodium, instead it tries to flush it out more quickly along with water. Thats why so many people feel themselves lighter due to quick reduction in water weight.

If you ignore this very important electrolyte sodium and do not replenish it accordingly you may experience symptoms like headache, constipation, lethargic fatigue and lightheadedness.

That is why it is recommended that you should add salt to your low carb ketogenic foods. You can also use a cup of bone broth to circumvent this issue as well.

Believing Low Carb Food Labels

Although this article mainly focuses on max carbs on keto but if you are doing blunders and expecting that low carb ketogenic diet will work, then you are living in a fools paradise. I once again based on my vast experience ask you to stay away from this low carb ketogenic diet if you are planning to do it on ready made low carb labelled food.

Majority of my followers know that I appreciate them to loose their calories while preparing their own organic, pure and fresh food in front of your own eyes in your kitchen, is the basic formula to make yourself active and healthy. How can you believe those tags and risk your life. So try to avoid these low carb food labels and prepare your food at least in your kitchen if not by yourself.

Over Use of Low Carb Shakes and Bars

Although you can make healthy choices which are easy for you but some times favorite food sets become the hurdle in your long term goal of losing weight because you attach and stick to them so hard that you over use them without noticing. So at least in the start avoid these experiments and stay away from them as much as possible.

Stress and Cortisol

Stress without any exaggeration is becoming the number one illness factor in the whole world. Stress is known for its bad effects and it does it by increasing the levels of the hormone called cortisol which causes gluconeogenesis. Gluconeogenesis instantly raises blood sugar and decreases the insulin sensitivity. This process reverses the whole good effects of the low carb ketogenic diet produces and ketones are not produced even after all these efforts. So try to adopt techniques like yoga, deep breathe exercises and long walk schedules to avoid this nasty culprit.

Quitting Too Soon

Human body is designed to burn carbs as fuel and only uses fats as source of energy in the absence of carbs and this situation is called ketosis, in which fat cells produce ketones which are used in the process.

At first when you start low carb ketogenic diet, it is difficult to know what are max carbs on keto and you are unaware of the outcomes as well. So, you need to explore first that what is your optimal level of carbs to initiate ketosis.

This process may take a few days to couple of weeks and this shifting of energy source may cause uneasy feelings or keto flu.

If you feel trapped in this situation, dont panic and never quit this healthy diet. If you can held yourself intact for a few days you will be able to bore the fruit of this tremendous system.

To control and manage max carbs on keto you should plan some important things even before starting the low carb ketogenic diet plan. One of the most important things you should go through is to check for your personal healthy choices within the given pool of low carb ketogenic diet. Because it can cause havoc if you choose your meal randomly and hurriedly without prior knowledge.

What is Carb Creep

Carb Creep is the change in which you allow more carbs to let into your meal plan after a successful period of ketosis. Most often people struggle to fix the issue of max carbs on keto and just when they find it, they lose their control to maintain it. So try to stick to the levels once you find them.

How do you Calculate Carbs On Keto

It will be a wise decision to know your progress to make your belief stronger for a long marathon of losing weight and for the decision to adjust max carbs on keto. To be specific I tell you that there are two ways to know your ketone levels and then deciding that What is a good ketone level for ketosis?

If you just want to feel it yourself, the early signs are Bad Breath, Weight Loss, Appetite Suppression, Increased Focus and Energy, Short spans of Fatigue, Light decrease in Performance. Primarily there are two types of ketone testing.

  1. By means of Urine Test Strips
  2. By means of using Blood Test Strips

Urine testing strips are the inexpensive way of testing ketones in your body but the result can vary, keep in mind that dehydration increases urine ketones.

More reliable, more accurate and easy technique to measure the level of ketones in the body is using blood strips. Blood strips can be stored as long as a year. This test is done similar to glucose test. Prick a finger and touch a tiny drop of blood with the strip and check the result on the blood ketone meter.

Use whichever method to test your ketone levels but make sure that you do it on the same time every day.

Cheat Day On Keto

Most of the keto expert believe and same do I that cheat day on keto is a spoiler most of the times and there is a high risk that it will kick you out of ketosis and being in and out of ketosis is not considered healthy. So try to keep yourself away from this experiment, rather let your body get accustomed to the low carb ketogenic diet.

How much weight you can lose on Keto

This question has no simple answer, because every individual has different body type and response. In my study losing 10 pounds in the first month is not a big ask for an average individual using strict low carb ketogenic diet and keeping themselves behind max carbs on keto .

What is dirty keto or lazy Keto?

Dirty keto or lazy keto is the sub standard form of original keto. In this type of keto you allow yourself those food which normally are not allowed otherwise. As the name suggest that is self adopted style of doing keto and no professional can ask to follow such routines which have nothing to improve overall health of an individual. Some may seem to argue that we are not crossing max carbs on keto then why I discourage dirty keto, the answer is simple that it will fill your body with toxins.

Does keto hurt your liver?

Yes, if you do not follow the rules properly you can have bad effects on liver.

What are the worst vegetables to eat?

There is no good or bad in any vegetable. But some vegetables are so high in starch and lesser portion contains fiber. So we can say peas, pumpkin, potatoes and yams are the culprits.

How long can you stay on keto diet?

As I said earlier that being a physician I know that every individual is different in itself. Some can stay in keto for quite long as a year and some may not able to complete a full cycle of three months. So it depends on your general response, your motivation level and your overall health. Generally, a keto diet plan can be done for a one to three months of cycle.

What is a keto fat bomb?

Keto fat bombs are the fat filled foods which are used as snacks in the low carb ketogenic diet. They can be used as complete meals as well.

What are the negative effects of a keto diet?

These are not the negative effects directly but can bother some individuals, including Too much thirst, Too much urge for urination, Hunger pangs, Confusion of mind, anxiety, Tachycardia, Light head, Sweating and Chill spans.

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