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Ketogenic Egg Fast : Not Dirty Keto

A lot of people out there asking me whats the protocol when following the ketogenic egg fast. This article is going to be about breaking it down to the basics what I specifically suggest and what I recommend everybody do if they just want to do a pure ketogenic egg fast.

What is a Ketogenic Egg Fast

Ketogenic egg fast as the name suggests is a strictly followed diet based only on eggs. It is not a type of dirty keto. There are subtle differences in its various varieties adopted by different health professionals and dietitians.

It would be a ketogenic egg, cheese and butter fast. So for every 3 to 4 eggs I suggest one slice of cheese which is in the ounce of cheese and one to two I would caution on the side of two tablespoons of butter.

Ketogenic Egg Fast Ingredients

If you just want to do a ketogenic egg fast without adding other things these three the eggs, the cheese and the butter are the basics if youre doing the ketogenic egg cheese fast you can have the cheese if you want to be a purist and do the ketogenic egg fast you dont want the cheese toss it out but I would strongly suggest you cook your eggs in butter and this is of course grass-fed butter.

Hey guys I would suggest if you were gonna do the basic ketogenic egg fast and call it a true egg fast to allow yourself to have eggs and butter for every 3 to 4 eggs that you have you can have 2 tablespoons of butter if you do that youre not gonna have any carbs at all, so your macros will be probably 70 to 75 percent coming from fat maybe even 80 percent.

The rest will be coming from protein with nothing coming from carbs so it is a true ketogenic diet thats the whole reason to attempt the egg fast so that you can become ketogenic as quickly as possible.

How much Cheese to add

Now if you allow yourself to have a slice of cheese, I would suggest one slice of cheese or one ounce of cheese for every 3 to 4 eggs that being said everybody follows the ketogenic egg fast via their own approach they allow themselves items that will allow themselves to stick to the diet to make it more manageable.

If you are being a purist, might just want to do eggs and butter. Eggs and cheese and butter though is what pretty much everybody out there shares in common then they start implementing their own additives that helps them stick to the diet in terms of calories.

Calorie Counting

Most people will probably be able to lose weight just simply by changing to eating eggs cheese and butter without calorie counting at all just eating to satiety, eating until they feel full.

So if you do that you are not calorie counting you are eating to your hearts content for every three to four eggs have two tablespoons of butter and for every three to four eggs have one ounce or one slice of cheese.

Find Your Optimum Level of Calorie Intake

Now, if you do that and you find that you are not losing weight then youre gonna have to find out what your caloric maintenance intake is, so how much calories you need to eat on a regular basis to not gain or lose weight if you are currently not gaining weight, great!

Figure out, take a week then figure out how many calories you eat on average per day and thats your maintenance level.

If you are gaining weight youre gonna have to reduce calories until you are not. Now if you want to lose weight on the ketogenic diet and you are already losing weight and you feel great with whatever caloric intake you are currently at then maintain that caloric intake but at least figure out what that is, so you can hit that same number when you are following the ketogenic egg fast right!

How much Calorie Deficit

So now lets just say that you are maintaining your current weight that you are not gaining or losing weight, you find out your maintenance level and depending on how drastic you want to cut you are gonna reduce that caloric intake by two to four hundred maybe even five hundred calories but I would start at 200 just to see again the less caloric deficiency you start out to lose weight the more calories you have to play with right!

So always try to diet at the highest caloric intake only makes sense once you figure that out you have lets say its 1,800 calories, okay well then what you are gonna do is you are gonna say how many eggs,  how much cheese and how much butter do I need to hit 1,800 calories.

Meal Planning : 1800 Calories

I would simply start by entering four eggs, two tablespoons of butter, an ounce of cheese, it is about 600 calories depending on what type of cheese you eat, the size of your eggs; whatever the case may be but its about 600 calories so if you are trying to hit 1,800 calories you are gonna eat three servings a day because 600 calories per meal; each meal consisting of four eggs, one ounce of cheese and two tablespoons of butter is gonna equal 1,800 calories, which is your caloric intake goal for the day.

So if youre trying to cut at 1,800 calories you are gonna eat four times three is twelve eggs a day, youre gonna eat  three ounces of cheese and you are gonna eat six tablespoons of butter a day.

So a quick way to calculate how many eggs, how much cheese, how much butter you should be having a day is to remember 4 eggs 1 ounce of cheese and 2 tablespoons of butter is about 600 calories and then you just divide that by how many total calories you want to eat a day.

Meal Planning : 1200 Calories

If you are trying to eat 1200 calories a day 1200 divided by 6 is 2 servings so you are gonna have 4 times 2 is 8 eggs a day 1 times 2 is 2 ounces of cheese a day and 2 times 2 is 4 tablespoons of butter a day and thats how you figure out how much eggs, how much cheese and how much butter you should be having on a regular basis to hit your caloric intake.

Again if you dont want a calorie count eat to your hearts content, always keeping the ratio of 4 eggs to one ounce of cheese to 2 tablespoons of butter if you eat that all the time youre gonna be hitting your macros and you are gonna be following the ketogenic egg fast correctly.

Ketogenic Egg Fast Protocol Basics

So thats it the ketogenic egg fast protocol basics, right! Eggs, cheese and butter that will end up hitting the macros just fine but a lot of people find themselves needing to add one thing be it the diet soda, be it the artificial sweetener whatever the case may be as long as it allows you to stick to the diet and you are seeing results but all means, allow yourself to do it.

Summing Up!

Some people say, can I have some onions? Some people say, can I have some peppers, some broccoli; throw it in there, see if it works guys! if it doesnt work though eliminate everything until the diet is cheese, eggs and butter and if that doesnt work try eliminating the cheese; do an experiment of one, see how it works for you and make changes accordingly.

How many carbs can I eat and stay in ketosis?

The maximum limit of carbs can vary for every person. As a rule 50 grams is the maximum limit, but if you want to learn more check it here max carbs on keto.

How much weight can you lose on keto egg fast?

The answer is not simple because it depends on the body type but 5 to 10 pounds is normally people loose.

What can I drink on ketogenic egg fast?

On strict ketogenic egg fast only water is allowed but you can experiment with unsweetened salted lemon water, black coffee or black tea.

How long I can use ketogenic egg fast?

It is recommended that you try to start it from one day then after a week or so try three day ketogenic egg fast and then five day fast. If you want to know about the long term keto diet effects feel free to check this article IS KETO DIET SAFE LONG TERM.

Can I start Keto with an egg fast?

Any one can start with ketogenic egg fast to break the flow of accumulating fats in the body. Afterwards you can follow the normal keto diet.

Can you have avocado on keto egg fast?

Simply, no it will not remain ketogenic egg fast diet.

Can I eat 6 eggs a day?

Yes, it is alright to have six to eight eggs for 3 to 5 day ketogenic egg fast.

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