Keto Diet

what are ketone esters

Ketone esters have become the hot selling product in the market now and it can help you burn fat and lose weight by quickly

high carb day on keto diet

The cheat day is celebrated with a high carb diet which for the time being kicks the person out of the ketosis state and after this ‘carb day on keto’ gets back to the strict keto diet pulls back the ketosis state.

Max Carbs on Keto

As so many techniques are being used to control the problem of unhealthy weight, Keto diet is becoming more and more popular because of its good results. But at the same time some misconceptions about Keto Diet usage are found every where. I am constantly being approached by my followers asking about ‘max carbs on …

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ketogenic egg fast

A lot of people out there asking me what’s the protocol when following the ketogenic egg fast. This article is going to be about breaking it down to the basics what I specifically suggest and what I recommend everybody do if they just want to do a pure ketogenic egg fast. What is a Ketogenic …

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