Is Keto Diet Safe Long Term

Is Keto Diet Safe Long Term

In some parts of the United States of America, Keto Diet is such a diet that is getting popularity for weight loss in a very short time of span. So the question arises is keto diet safe long term.

Person advertising or praising the diet believe that it consumes the bodys fat-burning system to assist people to lose weight in less than 10 days.

Some believe that due to unknown reasons it helps moderate the symptoms in kids with epilepsy.

Advocates of keto diet believe the diet can boost quick weight loss and provide a person with additional energy than the usual routine without keto diet.

On the other, however, critics trust that diet is a very unhealthy pattern to lose weight.

What is ketosis

This type of diet is actually very low in carbohydrates or absolute zero carbohydrate diet which forces the body to the state of ketosis.

How to know that Ketosis has started

The process of Ketosis can be triggered when a person starts eating a low carb or absolutely zero carb diet and in this process molecules, which are known as ketones starts producing in the bloodstream of that person.

Because of the state of ketosis and the low level of carbohydrates level of blood sugar drops significantly so the body starts breaking down fat to consume as energy.

Ketoacidosis and Ketosis are nearly the same, the only difference is that ketosis is the lighter form of ketoacidosis. Type 1 diabetes patients are mostly affected by ketoacidosis and more than often it becomes the leading cause of death of people who are suffering with diabetes under the age of 24 years. That is why it is advisable to check your carb levels frequently.

While it is worth mentioning here that the ketosis is a healthy state which creates no such situation because it doesnt create panic in the body because under this limit fat burning level do not produce too much waste material.

Major researches are of the view that a Ketogenic diet is a safe passage for people who are significantly overweight or flabby people. They also recommend that such people should only consume high fiber complex carbs along with carb blockers.

Where it’s helpful?

Dr. Gianfranco Cappello, from Sapienza University in Rome, Italy introduced the Keto diet.

He mentioned thousand of success stories from users. Mostly among the 19,000 dieters faced significant, quick weight loss, minor side effects.

According to a recent report some patients got success with keto diet plan, who had never lost their weight with any weight loss program, found success in losing an average of 10 kilograms, after starting the Keto diet plan for a continuous period of three months. Apollo concludes the diet as the best diet for the overweight people to rapidly lose weight with exception of a few side effects in some cases of fatigue, which can be managed easily.

A registered dietitian from Cleveland Clinic Childrens Hospital named Bette Klein expressed her experience that Keto diet help eases the symptoms of epilepsy in children.

Bette further explained that in kids who are suffering from refractory epilepsy have shown very encouraging results using keto diet. She also mentioned that kids who didnt respond well to variable drug treatments have been showing good results with ketogenic diet.

She also claims that almost half of children who are kept on the ketogenic diet have been observed a decline in the number of seizures they were facing. However medical experts still dont know the reason behind such kind of betterment.


This helps in motivating people to continue further. Keto diet is very simple in its concept. It simply removes a food group from the diet which makes it easier for people to understand and follow. The second big advantage is that the Keto diet keeps blood sugar levels in balance, which generates a stable flow of energy. In this context keto egg fast can play a vital role in initiating ketosis and then maintaining low carb, high fat ketogenic diet or Carb Day on Keto variation of keto diet.


However he believes that there are certain drawbacks as well like diet would not mandatorily improve athletic efficiency, this might de-motivate some athletes. People should follow the program very tightly; otherwise, it might not work properly. Indeed a very strict diet that must be followed.

The results of diet vary from a person to person as well as a great achievement for one person might appear as horrible for another person.

Unhealthy effects

Although this is a debatable section, full of ifs and buts and contradictory remarks but I am giving both sides for you to judge it yourself.

Some critics believe that the effects of Keto-type diets are not very long-lasting and can be unhealthy. A very well known clinical dietitian named Lisa Cimperman stated that when the body enters in ketosis state, you start losing muscle, extremely fatigued, and ultimately enter into starvation mode. At that moment it became even harder to lose weight.

However, Mawer believes that there is no scientific evidence so far which determines that the Keto diet causes muscle loss. Although he admits that this is not for those who are thinking to gain muscle mass.

It is highly advised to take any Keto diet plan only be taken under strict clinical supervision and only for a shorter time spans. A certified clinical nutritionist shares his experience in which a team of professionals worked very successfully on various cancer patients in conjunction with chemotherapy for the contraction of tumors and for reducing seizure attacks.

Conclusion: Is Keto Diet Safe Long Term

Some professionals believe that Keto should be followed only in extreme cases. According to them it can cause harm to various muscles like heart.

Only patients with type 2 diabetes have major advantages for losing weight, and a reduced-carb diet will definitely help them to improve the insulin sensitivity.

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