Cinderella Solution Tea

Cinderella Solution Tea

Cinderella Solutions flavor-pairing teas are a great way to utilise so many healthy herbs which are filled with rich nutrients. We normally do not include them in our meals so it is a great way to consume them as tea content. Same is the case with Cinderella Solution Tea.

What is Cinderella Solution Tea?

Cinderella Solution Tea is a flavor pairing tea made of mint and green tea for quick weight loss. We can say that Cinderella Solution Fat Flush Tea Recipe is one of the pillars of the Cinderella Solution System.

Cinderella Solution Tea Recipe

Mint and Green Tea is one of the best flavor-pairing tea, you can also include lemon if you like as it will enhance not only the flavor but at the same time it enhances the detoxification because it is full of vitamin c content which is a great booster for your overall health and protection against diseases.

Cravings for sweets, chocolates, rice, pasta and all the varieties of fatty and salty food can be a big hurdle in losing fat and the whole process becomes useless. At this point the importance of teas comes in and at the same time tea is an important part of our social life.

Herbal tea is being used from the time immemorial and being used in almost every culture and civilization in some way or the other. Herbal tea is full of health benefits. In Japanese and Chinese culture it is considered as an integral part of the meal and they consider it very useful for a healthy life and keeping their bodies slim and smart.

There are so many compounds in the tea which are helpful in increasing metabolic rate, promote fat burning and boost the overall energy levels of the body.

A study made by The Journal of Research in Medical Sciences clearly mentions the good effects of consuming herbal green tea for a period of eight weeks, in which it produced great difference in metabolic indices.

Use of Green Tea increased the metabolism of the users to a great extent and as a result they lost few pounds without change in any other routine. Participants were given four cups of green tea daily.

Green tea has so many vital nutrients which are responsible for burning the fat storage in our body so we can achieve our desired weight loss goals faster. Another study done by American Society For Nutrition discovered that some of the nutrients of green tea send signals to fat cells to release fat which in response boosts the ability of the liver to convert fat into usable energy rather than storing it.

Another study confirms its effectiveness in its article here Green tea for weight loss and weight maintenance in overweight or obese adults .

How To Make Cinderella Solution Tea

Now, you have enough knowledge of the benefits we can get from green tea, its time to have a look on mint and green tea recipe. For the purpose of preparing mint and green tea you need a few leaves of green tea. You can take fresh as well as dried.

Dried leaves are considered better for their flavor and efficacy. Also take a few leaves of mint and combine them with green tea leaves in a teapot. Mint is also known for the same properties as of green tea.

So, pairing mint with green tea gives enormous boost to metabolism. If you want to add some natural sweetener you can but never add white sugar in any form. Majority of people do not feel the need to add any sugar at all due to its nice taste.

Now pour boiling water in the teapot and instantly close the lid for approximately five minutes. After five minutes you can strain and enjoy the tea as well as the aroma of its soothing flavor.   

This mint and green tea recipe is considered to boost metabolism especially when taken before or during meals. Inhaling this mint and green tea blend produces chemical reactions which directly influence your brain that helps reduce hunger pangs, bloating, and make you feel comfortable even after meals.

You can experiment many other delicious flavor pairing teas from the Cinderella Solution System diet book to shed off extra weight and enjoy different unique tastes which you have never experienced before. If you still do not know about The Cinderella Solution System, continue reading ahead or if you cannot resist your curiosity and want to have a copy now click here.

Who is the Author of Cinderella Solution?

Carly Donovan the author of Cinderella Solution is the genius behind Cinderella Solution. You may not believe her at first when she claims to reshape your body in just 28 day and thats actually a normal thing. Unlike many other quick fix programs, Carly is no doubt a genuine person just like me and you. These are not some play writers words, which is pretending to be some specialist doctor and wants to grab your hard earned money. She is a rationale and reliable lady with a long hand on experience of doing it again and again with so many people.

Well, she says it best Im not some TV Doctor or self-proclaimed guru and nor I want to produce an impact for what I am not. On the contrary I am just sharing my personal experience which may one get benefit from and may able to bring back their life to whom they only can dream and all that with the slightest changes of habits. I just know myself when I remind myself about the fact that The girl within the mirror was me pushes me to share MY Story. And this is often YOUR Solution.

Overview of Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution weight loss program is the only program which is prepared by a lady solely for ladies. The Cinderella Solution Program in my opinion is the only online weight loss system that takes you through the complete four-phase process in a very smooth way along with the hormonal transition that destroys the feminine metabolism from teens to menopause.

Then, it delivers a handful of easy to use day to day recipes for each situation like Cinderella Solution Tea Recipe. Cinderella Solution Tea Recipe is my favorite recipe as it gives my extra strength for the workouts and also a reminder and motivation every time I take it.

Cinderella Solution program provides you detailed nutritional information, recipes, meal plans, specific exercise series and steps to point your newfound suggestion into action.

Who is Carly Donovan?

Carly Donovan has been a fortune-hunter within the weight loss industry for over 10 years. She knows what are the limitations of this battle; the battle with yourself. She didnt want to remain overweight.

Thats why after maddening attempts to dig deep the matter herself she virtually reached to this weight loss plan succeeded in bringing her research in such a form that is practical not for herself only but for every house wife who wants to live a healthy, active and happy life.

The Cinderella solution is a unique women-only fat loss program and in house workout program as expected by every house wife and above all she devised it without being a fat loss specialist and compiled it to perfection. Cinderella Solution isa science-based plan and it does work, because of an easy and practical food-paring method that removes the dependence for calorie counting.

The Cinderella Solution diet program completes in 28 days which are divided in two phases of 2 weeks each. The first phase called the Ignite Phase and second is called the Launch phase. After completing the 28 day cycle you can repeat it for as many times as you wish but the good thing is that it initiates the process of burning your stubborn fat even after the first cycle.

Workouts are optional containing 8 to 20-minutes gentle movements aiming to boost the working of the feminine metabolism, not testosterone-filled tall height workouts for men. These exercises are highly recommended to get the best out of this program and can be easily managed at home without the need to join the gym and trainer.

In short, Cinderella Solution system provides the dietary and exercise plans which are adjustable and can be rearranged to suit your own needs and requirements.

You can easily pair any food combination of your liking and availability. In return it provides you all important health benefits by resetting your female hormones insulin, cortisol and Estrogen, turning their clock back will help you to your best young time. You can read full review of The Cinderella Solution System here.

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