high carb day on keto diet

Carb day on Keto

A ‘carb day on Keto’ is becoming more and more popular for its ease and charm, but most of the orthodox physicians are still reluctant to follow it without any evidence of benefit. While the supporters of “carb day on Keto” are rating it highly valuable method of doing keto.

Popular Low Carb High Fat Keto Diet

It is a fact that Keto diet is becoming a standard for weight loss industry. Most of the trials of ketogenic diet have shown good results and very few side effects which can be controlled.

Types of Keto Diet

There are mainly three types of Ketogenic Diet which are Standard, Targeted and Carb Day on Keto Diet which is also known as cyclic keto diet.

Most of the people are only aware of the only version of low carb ketogenic diet which is the standard keto diet but ketogenic diet is very flexible and it have many variations to suit the needs of almost every one. These types further sub divided into many variations as well.

Keto and Ketosis

Ketogenic diet focuses on healthy ketosis to balance and maintain healthy glucose levels in the blood stream for extended period of time. The standard keto diet no doubt very successful in completing the task and produced tremendous results so far and it is far ahead of the old and traditional weight loss programs.

When we talk about the efficacy of the standard keto diet there is no problem in it as long as you can hold yourself to bore the fruits of this diet but using this technique in its true letter and spirit, it may not be the best or easy solution for every one. This is the point which creates space for the ‘carb day on keto’ method to follow the low carb ketogenic diet with a little variation.

What is Carb day on Keto diet

Although ‘carb day on keto’ or cyclical ketogenic diet is slightly different and it is the variation of the standard ketogenic diet but it has its own rules and have major differences with original keto diet.

This kind of low carb ketogenic diet technique is also called cyclic keto diet. In cyclic keto diet a person can have a cheat day in a week while sticking to the original low carb ketogenic diet for the remaining days of the week.

The cheat day is celebrated with a high carb diet which for the time being kicks the person out of the ketosis state and after this ‘carb day on keto’ gets back to the strict keto diet pulls back the ketosis state. This rotation is said to be very healthy exercise to change the behavior of the body, which is habitual to work on one way or the other.

Carb Day On Keto

The ketogenic diet is a high fat diet along with moderate proteins and a very low percentage of carbs. When you are following a low carb ketogenic diet, normally you restrict yourself to a lower level of carbs which should be under 50 grams per day.

When you cut your carb intake to the minimum, your body starts burning fat for energy instead of glucose or blood sugar and this process is known as ketosis.

During the state of ketosis, your body starts using ketones which are produced by the liver as a result of healthy ketosis in which body burns fat as fuel as an alternative to glucose produced by carbs.

‘Carb day on keto’ does not go far away in a sense that it still involves adhering to the standard ketogenic diet protocol forr five to six days in a week which is followed by the ‘carb day on keto’ with higher carb consumption.

Now, here comes the issue of carb celebration day to replenish the body with depleting reserves of glucose and at the same time fills the body with lost energy levels.

This ‘carb day on keto’ quickly switches your fuel source and kicks you out of ketosis, which gives relief to your body organs which are not habitual to do the ketosis primarily. In this way you can get away with the least side effects of the keto diet and still remaining in the healthy circle of ketosisIf.

The most prominent advantage are seen for those who are doing keto for muscle growth and want to improve their performance and stamina. In this way we can say that shuffling of the keto diet and the carb diet using the method of ‘carb day on keto’ is proving itself superior from the original and strict low carb ketogenic diet plan.

Carb Cycling vs Carb Day On Keto

Some people consider that ‘Carb Day On Keto’ and Carb Cycling is the same. But if we compare these two type of diets more closely, we come to know that they are completely different in their function and performance.

Carb cycling switches between the lower and higher carb days in cycles, in which days are divides into four to six days for high carb diet and two to three days of low carb diet.

Although it looks similar but the difference lies in two things, number one is that it never goes down to the level that it can initiate ketosis and the second one is that it does not promote the use of high fat diet.

The primary focus of carb cycling is not weight loss and generally used to boost the overall strength, energy and muscle growth.

Following the Carb day on Keto

If we talk about the rules and regulations of the ‘carb day on keto’ type of diet, it does not strictly stick to harsh rules but only focuses on the luxury given to the body to relax like celebrating the weekend after a struggling labor and hard work.

So, we can say that any body who wants to do ‘carb day on keto’ type of diet should include preferably one day of only carb diet and following the strict low carb high fat with moderate protein diet for the rest of the week.

We know that ketogenic diet demands that we should keep our daily consumption of carbs under 50 grams and at least 75% of your calories should be coming from the fat source. On the other hand, when you celebrate your carb day on a ‘carb day on keto’ you are given the luxury of taking more carbs to your hearts fill.

In normal keto days of the week you have many healthy options which are rich in nutrients as well as have enough amount of fats, carbs and proteins as well including Eggs, Coconut Oil, Avocado, Full fat dairy products (milk, cream, butter, yogurt, cheese), Nuts and seeds, Different Nut butters, Fatty meats and MCT oils. You can carefully adjust your protein calories round about 10% to 15% and carbs should be restricted to as low as to maximum of 10% of the total calories.

Carb day planning

The second phase of the ‘carb day on keto’ plan is the key to this plan, which out smart this technique from other keto variations. On this day you break the above limits and can take the luxury to eat as many carbs as you wish and in this way you can take interval in between a highly strict keto diet routine.

During these days you can

  • Take carbs approximately 60 to 70 percent of your daily calories.
  • Protein can also be increased or decreased according to your desire from 15 to 20 percent.
  • Regularly check your Ketone level.
  • Fats can be adjusted to 5 to 10 percent or according to your will.
  • Use healthy Carb Blockers to avoid the extra amount you have taken.

It is true that the first and foremost objective of the ‘carb day on keto’ is to replenish the depleting reserves of insulin and rejuvenate the body with ample carbs. For this purpose you are given the liberty.

But some people may take this luxury only to fill their stomach with carbs. Here the question arises that should you take it simply a freedom to eat anything for taste without any compulsions or you should use it as tool to organize your body in a more better way.

Avoid Dirty Keto

Yes, of course you should not make it dirty keto which is a totally negative in this context. Try to avoid any unhealthy options which have high glycemic index and choose from the healthy ones.

You must not relax to go on carb days without any preparation and just to take baked and unhealthy ready to use carbs. Also avoid all types of pastas, macaronis, juices, sodas, cakes, candies and chocolates. I am afraid it will ruin all the benefits of the low carb ketogenic diet.

You should therefore, prepare a list of healthy and nutritious complex carbs which may consist of Quinoa, Oats, Lentils and Brown rice. You can add theses items in your ‘carbs day on keto’ list because they are high in fiber, minerals and vitamins and replenish all the needs which may be missing on the other keto days.

Intermittent Fasting and ‘Carb Day on Keto’

To reap the true fruits of ‘carb day on keto’, you need to quickly get back to ketosis state, in which ketones are produced. For this purpose intermittent fasting has an inspiring record. You can also do Keto Egg Fast to make it more fruitful.

So, once you completed your ‘carb day on keto’ consider intermittent fasting option along with high intensity workouts.

Muscle Gain and Carb day on Keto

Carb day on Keto diet is becoming popular among dose who want to gain muscle mass and strength and at the point of writing this article I have very positive feed back from its followers who are getting good results than cyclic carb diet, which hits the same goal.

Eliminating the Bad effects of Keto Diet

Carb day on Keto also gaining popularity due to decrease in Keto related bad effects like constipation, keto flu, low energy levels, fatigue, nausea and heading.

More Fiber

Although there is a possibility of increasing carb on Keto diet but options are very limited so Carb day on Keto provides more options to fulfill the fiber requirements with a lot of ease. Filled with fiber intake like oats, beans and quinoa make it easy to remove constipation.

Makes Keto More Attractive to Continue

Keto diet has no doubt an edge on all the other weight loss methods and associated with so many benefits like maintaining blood sugar levels in the blood, healthy heart and reducing stored fats in the body but strictly maintaining it for a longer period can be a challenge for some people and they may leave it just because they can not tolerate all this oily stuff, so Carb day on Keto diet fills their need to take intervals in between.

Risk Factors

  1. Over feeding carbs on ‘Carb day on Keto’ reverses the good effects of ketogenic diet.
  2. Selection of bad carbs on ‘Carbs day on Keto’ can cause havoc with your hunger and you may feel hungry for many days.
  3. Extra carbs will store extra water, as every gram of carb fetches extra amount of water with it in the muscle.


‘Carb day on Keto’ is a newly introduced diet plan, which harvests the benefits of conventional low carb keto diet and at the same time if it is done in its true letter and spirit, can reduce the few side effects found in keto diet. Thus we can say that ‘Carb day on Keto’ have the edge over conventional low carb, high fat ketogenic diet.

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