7 Proven Quick Wisdom Teeth & Neck Pain Relief Methods

7 Proven Quick Wisdom Teeth & Neck Pain Relief Methods

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Ear Pain?

Yes, an abnormally grown wisdom teeth can cause ear pain because of its growth defects like tilted alignment or locating under or near the neighboring teeth and in return disturbing the whole jaw. It cause undue pressure on the adjoining muscles of the ear resulting infection and pain in the whole ear and neck area.

Wisdom Teeth and Related Problems

Wisdom teeth problems can cause many different problems during its forceful growth in the already occupied area which include ear pain, neck pain, severe swelling of the jaw, sore throat, fever, insomnia, headache and sinus issues.

Third Molars or Wisdom Teeth

Third molars are widely known as wisdom teeth because they generally appear at the age when people get matured after the teenage.

In most of the cases these abnormal grown teeth are removed to solve the problem but some pain relief methods can be useful in the mean time.

7 Proven Quick Wisdom Teeth & Neck Pain Relief Methods

  1. Numb gel will do the trick and in the mean time you can book a call with your dentist. Dont waste time to think it is OK because it can restart at any time.
  2. A pinch of Organic Turmeric powder will have soothing effect and at the same time it will relieve the pain by its numbing effect.
  3. Ice packs are already known for their efficacy to remove swelling quickly from any part of the body, same is the case with teeth pain caused by swelling. We found many reviews of the people who suffered these nasty pain symptoms used the Ice Pack to relieve their pain and swelling instantly.
  4. A quick fix for teeth pain is also very popular with a solution made by mixing Salt in Luke warm water. Salt water rinse can also make things comfortable for many people.
  5. Having anti bacterial properties Coconut oil rinse is quite useful to remove bacteria from and around the teeth cavities and resulting in pain relief.
  6. Clove Oil is considered on of the best solutions for pain relief in herbal medicine thats why it is also added in herbal toothpaste. So it is worth while to use it as a prevention as well as for removing infection and pain.
  7. Some people have reported that Onion water relieved their pain. As being a very strong anti bacterial agent Onion can kill bacteria around teeth and helps to relieve pain and infection.

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