Can Keto Affect Your Period

Can Keto Affect Your Period

Keto Induced Period:Prevailing Belief

It is widely known believe that Ketogenic diet is a healthy and best known weight loss diet plan. It can reduce extra unhealthy pounds and can improve insulin resistance and cholesterol levels. At the same time it is being discussed in women circles that Can Keto Affect Your Period.

Some Quick Facts

  • Keto diet can be one of the reasons for irregular periods….due to drastic changes in diet patterns.
  • Mental health, as well as other blood related problems, can also affect female periods.
  • Associated female hormones can be affected as there is quite a number of hormones in a female body.
  • Testosterone, Progesterone, Follicle-stimulating hormone, Luteinizing hormone, Leptin,  Estradiol, Thyroid hormones, Human chorionic gonadotropin, Oxytocin, Thyroid-stimulating hormone, Estrone, Triiodothyronine, Androstenedione, Anti-Müllerian hormone, Testosterone undecanoate, Thyroxine

Keto Induced Period:Minimum Thresholds

Eating too little calories especially carbohydrates may cause missing of periods or Amenorrhea. A balanced diet keeps your menstrual cycle on schedule. Body fat of 15% is a must for maintaining healthy womens functions. A lesser amount of fats than this level can cause bone loss, hot flashes, and disappearing of menses. If your periods are already disturbed then proceed to a keto diet with extra care.

Why Hormonal Slow Down Occurs

Keto diet is a low carb and low calorie diet which is totally different from the normal diet we have in our daily routine.

When we start keto diet our body feels a sudden fall in carbohydrates which is the primary fuel of the body, it slows down many activities of the body. Hormones are mostly disturbed by such dietary changes and in return all related functions also slow down.

Female Hormones and Nutrition Deficiencies

Nutrition deficiencies caused by these changes can contribute to an abnormal menstrual cycle of a woman. Every woman needs an adequate amount of calories which should consist of carbohydrates, protein, and fats to maintain the regular menstrual cycle and other connected functions.

Ovulation Issues

Although all these issues cannot be linked to the keto diet only but limiting the carbs can be the problem area of this issue. In different individual stories of women, it is reported that they faced issues of ovulation or disturbance in their menstrual cycles.

Stress, Keto and your periods

Stress is another culprit for suppressing menstrual cycle of women or amenorrhea. One should also consider in this context. If you are doing tough exercise or you are facing emotional and mental stress it can influence more than anything else.

Leptin and Weight Loss

Deficiency due to low carbs and calorie cut down affects Leptin hormone, which regulates metabolism. When Leptin production decreases the body cannot regulate its activities quickly and a panic is created in this situation.

Another function of Leptin is to maintain appetite balancing. Lack of Leptin meaning lack of appetite and in return slow down of the energy producing mechanism.

Thats why Leptin is considered directly related to irregularity of menstrual cycle or amenorrhea. Same is the case with Luteinizing hormone, which is also crucial for regular menstrual cycles.

Keto and PCOS

It is an interesting fact that Keto diet helped so many good effects on women who were facing deep rooted problems of missing menstrual cycles as well as problems of fertility.

Being overweight can be a cause for PCOS which in the long run is connected to infertility and diminished menstrual cycle. In such cases Keto diet has done miracles and helped many overweight women.

Keto for Fertility

A properly managed keto diet can rectify and regulate different reproduction hormones including LH hormone and FSH hormone, which paves the way to fertility.

Keto for Fertility

Game Changer Plan

Changes in life style as well as dietary changes can affect female hormones to a great extent. It can be a game changer if we can figure out that how we can optimize it and turn it in our favor.

If we carefully plan our life style and dietary habits, keeping in mind a long term goal which should be related to our health rather than focusing only to lose weight to shape our body. If we think in this way, we will be able to tone our bodies without any stress.

Key factors to Lose fat or Store fat

No doubt our hormones play a vital role in setting our metabolic rate, our appetite and food choices as well as insulin sensitivity. All these are the key factors which establish whether our body will lose fat or store fat.

Insulin Sensitivity

We can easily say that the insulin sensitivity of women can be attributed to her routine of the menstrual cycle. In this regard, there is an interesting fact that in the first half of the menstrual cycle women are producing more estrogen which increases sensitivity to insulin thus they can efficiently convert carbohydrates to energy.

Progesterone and Insulin Resistance

While in the second half of the menstrual cycle estrogen level goes down whereas progesterone level gets higher. As progesterone is other way round to estrogen, it makes your body more insulin resistant and carbohydrates become hard to metabolize and converted to energy.

In this phase body tries to store carbohydrates as fat store instead of actively using it. This is the best time where keto diet can have good response to combat insulin resistance by lowering the blood sugar levels.

Keto and Your Period Weight Gain

Food cravings can be linked to the decrease of estrogen level in the second half of your menstrual cycle in which impulsive behavior provokes appetite and you unintentionally eat more frequently.

This is the right time to have keto diet instead of high carb diet. Keto diet helps to curb these cravings and also keeps sugar level in check.


Keto diet naturally suppresses appetite by reducing blood glucose levels which is quite healthy thing but if you dont use this tremendous tool carefully, it can give reverse effects.

When you take too little calories due to lack of appetite, your body generates a signal of starvation and as a result it slows down all of the necessary functions. In this situation hormone production is also decreases which create further complications.

At this stage you should be aware of your required minimum calorie intake and also you should know, What is a good ketone level for ketosis.

Elevated Cortisol

When we starve during keto diet due to lack of appetite and our mission to lose weight fast or due to heavy exercise, our body gets into stress mode.

In stress mode body feels itself in a state of panic and emergency and to handle this situation body generates a hormone called cortisol.

Elevated cortisol level produces more glucose which causes extra pressure on liver and other body organs. So, stress can damage any effort to lose weight whether it is keto or any other.

Liver Damage

Due to heavy toxin excretion while releasing fat cells over burden the liver and can cause it to mal function. You should carefully monitor and adjust weight loss speed to avoid this problem.

 A slow and steady approach in this regard is highly appreciated and also guarantees to achieve your long term weight loss goals without hurting your menstrual cycle.

Losing weight in this method will never come back because you are not generating any wrong signals to body.

Thyroid Disturbance and Menstrual Cycle

A sudden drop in carbohydrates can also affect your thyroid. That is why you should avoid suddenly leaving carbohydrates; instead you should first let your body accustomed to this change gradually.

Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone

Gonadotropin releasing hormone is responsible to cause the pituitary gland in the brain to secrete luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. In other words it is responsible to start the menstrual cycle. If it gets disturbed, it can create problems by not producing the signal to start menstrual cycle.

Can Keto Affect Your Period:Conclusion

We started the discussion with the question that Can Keto Affect Your Period. After knowing all the effects keto can impact on our body, we can easily say that keto is not to blame for the side effects RATHER

it is the wrong approach and lack of complete knowledge which is causing all this to happen.

So, using keto diet plan under the supervision of an expert will never hurt anyone. Keto with right approach has proved a blessing for so many people already.

Can keto cause long periods?

Stress exercises, stress diet ( very low calorie or very low carb diet) and emotional stress produces more cortisol in the body and elevated level of cortisol can suppress ovarian functions thus causing disturbed menstrual periods.

Can keto mess with your hormones?

Infact it can, but avoiding the mistakes mentioned above in the artricle Can Keto Affect Your Period, you can easily avoid these side effects.

Is keto healthy for PCOS?

Hundred Percent! There is no doubt that ketogenic diet is a blessing for the women who are over weight and facing PCOS problem can take advantage of this diet. It not only solve these problems but at the same time all those problems related to insulin resistance will be corrected.

How long should I do Keto?

In our observation 3 months of keto diet plan at start with careful application is completely safe. After that you should adjust according to your body needs and you can prolong it to 12 months at a stretch.

Can you lose weight on your period?

For this you should start keto diet in the second half of the menstrual cycle.

Can I do Keto pregnant?

Strict keto diet is not recommended in pregnancy.

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