ketogenic egg fast

A lot of people out there asking me what’s the protocol when following the ketogenic egg fast. This article is going to be about breaking it down to the basics what I specifically suggest and what I recommend everybody do if they just want to do a pure ketogenic egg fast. What is a Ketogenic …

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Is Keto Diet Safe Long Term

In some parts of the United States of America, “Keto Diet” is such a diet that is getting popularity for weight loss in a very short time of span. So the question arises ‘is keto diet safe long term’. Person advertising or praising the diet believe that it consumes the body’s fat-burning system to assist …

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When to take carb blockers

I am frequently asked by my followers about ‘when to take carb blockers’. Carbs are the main source of energy for the human body but when this energy source starts to pile up in the body, it creates multiple issues in the body. That’s why these days most of the health professionals advise to minimize …

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Can Keto Affect Your Period

We can easily say that keto is not to blame for the side effects rather it is the wrong approach and lack of complete knowledge which is causing all this to happen

What is a good ketone level for ketosis

If you have started your journey towards a healthful goal for weight loss, blood sugar control or improving your health quality and started burning your fat through ketosis, you must have thought that what is a good ketone level for ketosis.