Average Weight Loss On Ketogenic Diet: 1 Complete Guide To Success

Keto Weight Loss Timeline

  • Average weight loss on ketogenic diet is 5lb per week and ranges from 2lb to 10lb per week.
  • Keto weight loss first week is more than average weight loss somewhere 4lb to 6lb which is quite normal.
  • Ketogenic diet weight loss one month could be somewhere in between the 4 weeks average score of 12 lbs to 18 lbs normally.

Here are some important factors which play a key role in a Ketogenic Weight Loss Program

Why lose weight

There are plenty of reasons to lose weight but the most valuable reason for me is to attain a healthy, prosperous and long life. Although you can add many other factors in this like to look presentable, to feel confidence in your personality, plenty of energy to move around and work and enjoy more and there is a long list of benefits. 

Formula to Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss is the one which has consistent results, does not create panic or stress and above all it does not have bad effects afterwards like lack of some important nutrients, does not dysfunction or over activate any organ and does not affect your hormonal balance.

Slow weight loss vs Quick weight loss

Healthy weight loss per week prescribed by the physicians is 1lb to 2lb but you can adjust your per week loss calculation according to your long term goal set for 3 months, 6 months or yearly plan. In this way you wont go every now and then on the scale to check for the weight loss and provide the body enough time to settle for the proper weight loss.  

Weight Loss and Metabolism

If you start your weight loss by limiting the calories to the minimum at once, it will turn on the automatic regulating system of the body to limit the important activities of the body and declare the emergency in the body to foresee a starvation and in this way your automatic system which burns the fuel known as metabolic rate will also go down your calorie burning which will not help in your weight loss journey. 

What is Ketosis, Ketones and KetoAcidosis

When our body has not enough insulin our liver creates energy by producing ketones by using fat as an energy source. Ketosis is the state in which the body produces ketones in the body to complete its daily activities by decomposing fat cells. In contrast to Ketosis, Keto Acidosis is not a healthy state of the body. It is the rapid generation of Ketones to an alarming level during type1 diabetes.

ketosis vs ketoacidosis


Autophagy is a process in which the body uses waste material lying in the body in the shape of dead cells which may have a bad effect on the body by causing inflammation and toxicity. In this way we can say that autophagy is very useful to get rid of such toxic particles from the body. 

According to a research done by Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Eileen White On the topic of Autophagy and Metabolism

Reasons for not losing weight

If you are not losing weight on the keto diet you must check these points one by one and correct them. First of all you should use a kitchen scale to check your carb intake precisely. Chances are that you are eating too many carbs or too many proteins. Second thing you must be aware of the calorie intake. 

You may be providing enough calories to your body that it needs nothing to lose. You might be snacking some deceptive low carb food in high quantities. Another factor which may be hindering in your weight loss is the disturbed sleep pattern. Last but not the least it may be your stress which produces cortisol which in return raises glucose levels in the body. 

Calorie Deficit and Weight Loss

Calorie deficit is the key to any weight loss program and same is the case with keto weight loss. Initially you should not bother about the calorie deficit but try to get to the adaptation mode of the ketosis.

Normally it takes three days to enter the ketosis state and after entering the ketosis state you should carefully monitor your calorie intake and a healthy person can easily lose weight on a 1000 or 1200 calorie keto meal plan.

For instance if you create a 500 calorie deficit every day you will lose one pound in seven days. (500*7=3500 :: 1 pound in 7 days)

Initial Weight Loss vs Secondary Weight Loss

There are many quick loss stories about almost all the favourite weight loss programmes and they are all true to some extent as it is a natural phenomenon that when you have lesser resources body gets lesser amount of it. 

Secondly, when you start any weight loss program the initial water weight gets away very quickly. But in Low Carb Ketogenic Weight Loss Program, once you enter the ketosis state you dont need much to do yourself but the body itself starts to use the fat resources and a stable weight loss continues for the unlimited duration unless you switch off this mechanism.  

Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Thyroid, Slow Metabolic Syndrome

There is single solution to all the above mentioned problems and that is low carb high fat Ketogenic diet. How long should you do to get the ultimate advantages and also whether low carb high fat ketogenic diet is safe long term or not.

Weight Loss and Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting along with the keto diet weight loss combine creates a very healthy situation for not only losing weight but also getting to the optimal health goals in the long run.

Heavy Exercise

Heavy exercise is not recommended in Low Carb Ketogenic Weight Loss Programs instead smooth regular walk or light exercise will be more beneficial to shed extra calories. Heavy exercise can trigger the stress hormone which in return produces glucose by gluconeogenesis in the liver. 

Satiety, Fullness Signal vs Starvation Signal

Satiety is the key to Low Carb Ketogenic Weight Loss Programs because if your body gets the signal of starvation it slows down the whole machine which is not in our favour because we want our body to function in normal routine and perform all the necessary functions properly to maintain health. So satiety means to fill your stomach to its full but at the same time not providing it with easy fuel in the shape of carbs. For this keto diet plays its part to lower down the insulin requirements.

Water And Hunger Signals

It is a very wise trick from the past wisdom that you should drink water to control your hunger or you can also use lemon water, bulletproof coffee or low carb foods like cabbage, cauliflower, olives or avocados to avoid hunger initially. 

Organic Food, Delayed Digestion, Increased Bowel Movements

Whole grains consisting of organic and pure food are the best selection as they are low on glycemic index and they take more time to digest and at the same time the whole digestive system consumes calories to complete the processes. 

Loss Of Nutrients During Weight Loss

When you are using one type of food for long periods, it is necessary to fill your body with vital nutrients in the meanwhile. Magnesium and Potassium are the examples of vital nutrients which are wasted when you pee more than often to get rid of the waste particles. So replenishing these minerals should not be neglected.

Motivation and Weight Loss (Successful Weight Loss Stories)

I have not seen any weight loss program getting success throughout my professional career. So always explore motivation resources to hit your long term goals. You can see these stories https://organichealthfacts.com/best-motivational-weight-loss-books-2021/ and https://organichealthfacts.com/christine-carter-weight-loss150-pound-sure/.

Glycemic Index Of Different Foods

Glycemic index is the value which is given to a food on account of time it takes to convert as glucose. Foods which are low on glycemic index take more time to convert whereas foods which are high on glycemic index take very short time to convert. To reverse insulin resistance we should avoid foods which are high on glycemic index.

Weight Loss Barriers

Emotional Barriers and Physical Barriers. Use of Steroids, Birth Control pills, Hormonal changes, Mood Swings.

Sleep and Weight Loss Relationship

Sleep is one of the most important factors to boost metabolism, good health and for weight loss.

Set Your Realistic Goals and Smaller Mile Stones

You should always set realistic short term and long term goals. If you set your goals too high and are unable to achieve them, you may lose your way in the middle but if you set smaller easy set points and achieve them will encourage you further. 

Diet Plans

Always research and pre-determine your likes and dislikes, what foods will be readily available to you and their nutritious value before going to the actual program.  Things get worse when you think about these things right in the middle of the journey. Also research healthy and delicious easy to make recipes for meal plans. 


During low carb high fat ketogenic diet weight loss programs you always get deficient in certain minerals and vitamins which need to be replenished by high quality supplements. In this regard pink salt, potassium and magnesium are of vital importance. Along with these a good Omega 3 supplement will also be of great importance. 

Check Your Waistline Instead of Weight

Another parameter which is confusing some time to gauge the actual working of your Keto Journey is to only check for weight scales. Sometimes you lose your belly circumference but do not feel any change in the weight scale, if it happens keep moving! You are surely on the right track.

One meal a day

OMAD or one meal a day is the kick start method to get into ketosis mode in the shortest time frame. When you do fasting it triggers the ketosis very quickly.

Do Not Trust The Labels

Never trust the labels as they are confusing and will hinder your performance. Instead try to make your meals using organic, natural and pure food in your own kitchen.

Avoid Experiments : Use Kitchen Scale

Initially, it is advisable not to experiment and strictly stick to the kitchen scale method. Once you have adapted to the system and get results then you can experiment further.

Use Apps To Get You On Track

You can use different mobile apps to count your macros, make your healthy meal plans, setting your long term and short term goals.

Leading Android health apps worldwide 2021, by downloads

Published by Statista Research Department, Feb 24, 2021 In January 2021, Mi Fit was the most-downloaded health and fitness app in the Google Play Store worldwide. The app generated almost 2.32 million downloads from Android users. Lose Weight App for Women was the second-most popular app with approximately 2.21 million downloads from global users.

Metabolic Killer

While you are too enthusiastic you may lower your calorie intake too low to kill your metabolism  which will not help in your quest to lose weight.

Losing Muscle Instead Of Fat

Be careful in your low carb high fat ketogenic diet selection and adjust your protein intake according to your weight. If you do not add enough protein in your diet, it may end up in losing your muscle mass instead of fat storage.

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