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21 Angelica Root Magical Properties

Angelica Archangelica

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In this article, I am very excited to tell you about angelica root magical properties, which in my opinion is the most comprehensive description of this magical plant on the whole internet. I am quite sure that you will love it and share it.

From the ancient times, Angelica herb is being used from the 14th century AD as a medicine. Its origin is from Syria and afterward, it spread through Europe and Asia. Archangelica herb is well known by the name of Angelica, a holy herb. It is well known from that time as an anti inflammatory herb and widely used as a great flavor in aroma therapy. 

It is said that the root of the plant was for the first time in history was used by some monk for the treatment of plague long ago. According to The Epistle of Jude, Michael known as The archangel Michael was first seen as a healing angel in the 4th century and the leader of the army of God against the evil forces. Angelica is named after Archangel Michael.

Archangel Day

The Archangel Day was declared as a religious holiday and the herb derived its name Archangelica since then.

Angelica other Names

Angelica acutiloba, Du Huo, Bai Zhi, Angelica archangelica, Dong Quai.

What is Dong Quai?

In Mandarin (local Chinese language) it is known as Dong Quai and has a very high place in Chinese, Korean and Japanese traditional medicine. Every inch of this plant is so precious that you cant think of wasting it because you can use it in one way or the other.

Its root is filled with very rich ingredients and is very thick and long. The plant grows up to ten feet and hollow from inside. The leaves of the plant are saw-like. It has small flowers growing in bunches of green or yellow color.

Angelica Root Magical Properties

Angelica root magical properties are truly evident of the fact that scientists are still exploring its valuable treasures. So far a little more than fifty components have been identified and extracted from angelica root.

angelica root magical properties

Angelica root magical properties have been proved in various research based experiments which has shown great success in keeping the heart healthy by removing inflammations thus keeping the danger of myocardial infarction away.

It also boosts the immune system by detoxifying. It lubricates the whole intestine area and removes the bad bacteria. It helps in relieving pain, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and the list goes on.

Angelica Plant

It grows well in lands with continuous running water and where the soil is well moist and damp. This does not mean that it is always difficult to grow this plant rather it can even grow in adverse conditions. You can use it in June for kitchen and harvest the plant in July for use in medicines, if you want seeds leave it to ripen for a month or two and if you want to get its root for use its time is in the first autumn of the plant.

Angelica Leaves

Angelica leaves are divided in three beautiful levels. First group consists of branching leaves and the biggest one, which divides into another cluster and then another one divides into smallest leaflets. Angelica leaves are sharp and fine making a saw like shape.

angelica branches

Angelica Flowers

Angelica flowers are in plenty and small in size. They are grouped in large quantities like its leaves. Color of the flowers is mostly pale yellow. They blossom in the month of July.

angelica flowers

Angelica Root Essential Oil Uses

Angelica Root Essential Oil is primarily used in aroma therapy. But it has a lot of other medicinal benefits. A few of these are listed here.

Angelica as an Antispasmodic

Angelica root essential oil is antispasmodic agent and readily relieves spasms and related painful symptoms like cramps and coughs. It regulates blood circulation and chest congestions.

Angelica as Carminative

Angelica root essential oil is a great remedy for bloating and flatulence related to gas problems.

Angelica as Blood Purifier

Angelica root essential oil is a great blood purifier. Its use with water instantly starts removing toxins like uric acid, excessive salt, accumulation of excessive fat and bile in the body.

Angelica as Diaphoretic

Angelica root essential oil has a great effect on the skin, thats why it generates sweating and removes toxins through skin pores. This way it can help reduce extra pounds in obese people.

Angelica for Bladder

Angelica root essential oil increases the urination function and relieves body from excessive accumulation of water, salt, uric acid and toxins.

Angelica for Hepatic Problems

Angelica root essential oil stimulates the function of liver and protects it from infections.

Angelica for Balancing of female Hormones

Angelica root essential oil triggers blocked menses and thus regulates the female hormones and accompanying symptoms like headache, vomiting and abdominal cramps.

Angelica as Expectorant

Angelica root essential oil instantly clears phlegmatic accumulations and gives relief in congestion of lungs.

Angelica for Relieving Fevers

Angelica root essential oil has a great effect on fevers which are caused by different types of infections. It relieves the body from fevers by initiating urination and perspiration.

Angelica as Muscle Relaxant

Angelica root essential oil has a great reputation as a relaxant. It has a great soothing effect on muscles of body and mind. In this way it not only relaxes the body but also gives relief in hypertention

Angelica as Strength and Vigor Tonic

Angelica root essential oil is a great tonic for the development of young children as it strengthens the immune system and plays a key role in strengthening the vital organs of the body.

Angelica Uses

Every part of this precious plant has its own value (seeds, flowers, leaves, stem and root). This plant is an attraction for the honey bee.

  • You can make syrup from the stems to use as a decorative on cakes.
  • As a natural sweetener you can use angelica to sweeten the food.
  • You can cook and eat its roots and leaves.
  • You can also cook its tips to use in marmalade and jam.
  • You can make a very tasty angelica tea.
  • You can make angelica mouthwash for fresh taste.

Angelica Archangel Scientific Evidence

Wrinkle formation and Photo-aging of skin, are the results of degradation and synthesis of the collagen layer due to ultraviolet rays. In human dermal fibroblasts Angelica root ethanol extract plays a vital role to support collagen production and in reducing collagen degradation.

Angelica is so rich in nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and useful oils which are not fully discovered yet and many of them are already been used for the natural treatment of various skin conditions but more research is in the process and we may find some more miraculous effects of this herb in near future.

Angelica for Wrinkles

Many scientific researchers who have conducted experiments about its efficacy are of the view that it is an effective instrument for the prevention or alleviation of skin wrinkle formation resulting from ultraviolet rays.

Angelica Skin Treatment Face Wash

Angelica face wash is used to treat many skin problems and it makes the skin look softer, clearer, and healthier. For making the face wash take two cups of aloe vera juice and mix ten drops of Angelica root tincture.

After mixing both the ingredients, you can apply this mix to treat acne. It is a great cleansing agent as it has very active ingredients to do the job effectively.

It will make your skin heal very fast by making the skin absorb the useful nutrients easily. If you use this cleanser twice a day in morning and night you will be amazed by the results in a week or two. It not only removes acne, but keeps it away forever.

Angelica Body Wash

Angelica is a natural soothing agent and can be used during taking a bath. It really helps in soothing the whole body naturally. You can make a bath freshener by adding two cups of Angelica mix into warm water. You can also add coconut oil for obtaining the best results. This bath freshener relieves inflammation and softens the skin.

Angelica for Healthy hair

Angelica root is probably one of the best hair loss treatments for centuries in Chinese traditional medicine. It stimulates the circulation of blood as well as of oxygen in the scalp. It is filled with Vitamin E and promotes metabolism which in turn improves the nutrient supply in the area, which is essential for the growth of hair. It also oxidizes and purifies the blood, which helps in the oxidation of hair follicles. It stops degeneration and promotes the regeneration of damaged hair cells.

Angelica for anemia and menoxenia

In Korean traditional medicine, it has been widely used for the treatment of gynecological conditions like menoxenia and anemia because of its hemogenic, analgesic, and sedative activities.

Angelica for Female Problems

Angelica is a great remedy to balance hormones and has a very vital role and proves a blessing for those women who are suffering from painful menses and menstrual cramps. It will balance the level of hormones, relating problems and above all relief from severe pains.

Angelica for Digestion Problems

Secretions of digestive juices can be promoted in people who are low in such acids as it is very useful in promoting digestion and helps in food absorption. By promoting stomach functions it indirectly relieves extra gases and effectively gives relief in flatulence.

Angelica is prescribe and prepared in a combination with caraway, milk thistle, German chamomile, licorice, peppermint leaf, clowns mustard plant, celandine and lemon balm. This combination is also used to improve symptoms of upset stomach including acid reflux, stomach pain, cramping, nausea, and vomiting.

Angelica for Premature ejaculation

When applied directly to the skin of the penis in combination with other medicines improves premature ejaculation problem. This cream contains Angelica, Penax ginseng root, angelica root, Cistanches, torlidis seed, clove flower, asiasari root, cinnamon bark and a few other ingredients.

Angelica as Detoxifier and Reliever

It is also a powerful skin detoxifier assisting with acne and clogged pores. Working as a potent detoxifier it helps all the body systems strong and healthy and keeps away the diseases like fever, cold, lung infection and arthritis.

Angelica for Nocturnal Problems

Angelica is proved very helpful to reduce the number of times men have to rise during the night for small amount of urine. It is really helpful to reduce the condition of nocturia.

Angelica for Quitting Smoking

Taking steam of Angelica oil twice a day for two to three minutes is prescribed to help quitting smoking. Using it for a week or so will reduce the craving for smoking.

Angelica for Loss of Memory

Use of Angelica powder in small amounts for a longer period of time will improve the condition of dementia.

Angelica for Fluid Retention

Angelica root powder has great effect on bladder and urinary organs. Thus it is an effective solution for fluid retention.

Angelica and Other Ailments

Angelica is also used for heartburn, flatulence, anorexia, arthritis, circulation problems, respiratory catarrh, nervousness, plague, and insomnia.

It is important to take high intake of water to hydrate your body. As a skin shiner and skin improvement remedy it works well to increase urine production causing more stress to your bladder and kidneys, as a resultant improves men performance and higher production of phlegm and kills bacteria.

Warning:Angelica Side Effects

It is very common in some women to use angelica to initiate menstrual periods. Angelica should be avoided internally during pregnancy. Its suggested that angelica may not be used without doctors advice. It can cause uterine contractions, and this could threaten the pregnancy, as a result it can result in abortion.

Safety Concerns

Angelica is safe to use in lower amounts internally as well as for external use. Angelica root is reported to be safe for most adults when used as a cream for a short period of time. It is advised to test in low amounts in the start and then further doses can be increased accordingly.


It is also advised to avoid constant direct exposure to sun in warmer times and use of sun blockers is encouraged for going outside, especially if your skin is fair or light. Also use plenty of water to avoid any of such symptoms. Angelica can make your skin sensitive to direct sunlight.

Final Word:Angelica Root Magical Properties

Although angelica root magical properties are innumerable but I tried my best to give some of them which I found the most useful. Angelica is one of the most valuable treasures of Mother Nature which can provide your body the nutrients which it needs to stay healthy forever.

But being on the safer side it is recommended that you always use these under the observation and advice of a knowledgeable herbalist. If your physician allows you then do not waste any time to go to the nearest herbal store to have this wonder herb. I have recently added my new researched article on another herb which you can read here Indian Costus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make Angelica syrup for cakes?

The green stem of Angelica plant is boiled in sugar and used for decorating cakes and other sweet food, or the plant itself.

What is Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract?

Ferulic acid, uracil, ligustilide, succinic acid, angelicide, brefeldin, butylidenephthalide, nicotinic acid, butyphthalide and adenine are the main chemical constituents of Angelica roots.

What is Angelica powder?

Angelica powder is made by grinding the dried Angelica root. It is taken on the second year of the plant in autumn season. Mostly used for regulating menses, blood pressure, reduce swelling.

How tall does Angelica grow?

Traditional Angelica plant in the most parts of the world grows at least three 3 feet and 3 three inches and can be taller as ten 10 feet.

How do I make Angelica?

For eating purpose you can cut angelica leaves and roots. Then dip them in the pan and boil for 5 to 10 minutes.

Where does angelica root grow?

Angelica can grow in any type of soil but its favorite locations are mostly damp and wet areas.

What does angelica root smell like?

Angelica for its sweet smell is rated very high in par with Musk and widely used as fragrance and flavoring.

Is Angelica the same as dong quai?

Yes, Angelica in the Far East Asian countries is known as dong quai.

Are Angelica leaves edible?

Yes, Angelica leaves can be cooked and you can make it in different ways. You can enjoy its nice taste and good effects.

Can you eat angelica seeds?

Angelica seeds can be used as spice. Powder of Angelic seeds can be used as flavor. Seeds are also used to prepare oil. 

Where can I get Angelica herb?

It is easily available online.

What is Angelica in baking?

In baking, Angelica syrup is used for topping.

How do you propagate Angelica?

You can use ripe seeds, roots and shoots for propagation. You need to plant Angelica one by one at a distance of at least 2 feet.

When should I prune Angelica?

You can use it in June for kitchen and harvest the plant in July for use in medicines, if you want seeds leave it to ripen for a month or two and if you want to get its root for use its time is in the first autumn of the plant.

What does the name Angelica mean? Angelica name origin.

According to The Epistle of Jude, Michael known as the archangel Michael was first seen as a healing angel in the 4th century and the leader of the army of God against the evil forces. Angelica is named after archangel Michael.

Angelica in Homomeopathy?

Homeopathic remedy is called Dong Quai, Dang gui, Tang Kuei, Chineses angelica, Dies-Umbelliferous.

What Color is Angelica?


What are different angelica root magical properties?

Healthy heart, Healthy Liver, Healthy Bladder and Healthy Female Hormones.

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